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2016 Titleist AP1 and AP2 Irons

Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Review - Advanced technology, enhanced playability

TGW Customer Feddback on the Titleist AP1 716 Irons

“I noticed right off the bat that the ball just pretty much flew off the face (of the AP1s), especially when you hit dead center of the face it really popped off of there. I really liked it.”

-- TGW customer Miles, 8 handicap

In terms of playability, 716 AP1 would qualify as game-improvement irons, as these are clubs that deliver high launch, incredible distance, and impressive forgiveness. That said, the AP1 irons still have the clean look that Titleist irons are known for. The toplines might be slightly thicker than the rest of Titleist’s 2016 lineup, and there will be slightly more offset as well. But in its category, AP1 is about as sleek as it gets. The enhanced distance that the AP1 irons generate is made possible by a 360° undercut cavity that enables a thin, unsupported clubface that flexes more at impact to deliver faster ball speeds from impact points across the face. Also noteworthy is the use of high-density tungsten in the design, as it creates a lower center of gravity that improves launch conditions and stability at impact, while also allowing additional weight to be moved to the perimeter of the club to increase MOI. Adding to the AP1’s playability are an optimized CG progression through the set to promote consistent ball flight and pre-worn leading edges that improve turf interaction. In terms of shaft options, multiple premium choices exist in both steel and graphite at no upcharge.

Titleist 716 AP2 Iron Review

TGW Customer Feddback on the Titleist AP2 716 Irons

“The AP2 is great as well. Compared to my 714 CBs, I could actually feel an extra pop. The off-center shots still felt very good, and the ball flight was great and consistent.”

-- TGW customer Jay, +4 handicap

If AP1 could best be described as a game-improvement iron with some visual components of a players club, AP2 might qualify as something of the opposite, as it looks every bit the part of a true players club while featuring game-improvement playability. The sharp, compact design and soft feel, along with its overall workability, are why this is a club that’s getting significant play on Tour. But it’s also incredibly forgiving and produces impressive numbers from a distance standpoint. As was the case with AP1, tungsten weighting was an important component in the AP2’s design. Its use low and along the perimeter of the clubhead creates more forgiveness on mis-hits and also helps create a lower center of gravity, which produces speed and stability at impact. The optimized CG progression in the AP2 design was utilized to provide tour-proven trajectory through the set, and a wider sole with trailing edge relief prevents digging at impact for more consistent contact. The stock shaft for the AP2 irons is the True Temper Dynamic Gold, which is a heavier shaft designed for control. However, other custom options are available at no upcharge as well.

2016 Titleist 716 CB, MB & T-MB IRONs Review

2016 Titleist 716 CB, MB & T-MB Irons

Titleist 716 CB Irons Review

TGW Customer Feedback on the Titleist CB 716 Irons

“I felt like my misses were a lot more narrow with the CB. I felt like I was more confident looking down at it. I felt like i could control it a little bit more. I could definitely see myself playing them.”

-- TGW customer Jordan, 7 handicap

There’s no doubt that the 716 CB irons are players clubs all the way, which is why a significant number of Titleist staff members are gaming them on Tour. Thin toplines, minimal offset, and compact blades all combine to create a sleek visual package, and the forged design generates incredible sound and feel at impact. Additionally, pre-worn leading edges promote superior turf interaction and along with optimized CG progression enable players to control trajectory and ball flight as desired, a prerequisite for most better players in a set of irons. What separates the 716 CB from other irons in its category is forgiveness. High density tungsten is utilized low and along the perimeter of the club to promote better performance on shots struck from the heel or toe, and it’s also used to lower the CG to improve stability at impact. True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts are the stock offering for the 716 CB irons, but other options are available at no upcharge as well to fit the needs of any player.

Titleist 716 MB Irons Review

TGW Customer Feedback on the Titleist MB 716 Irons

“The thing I like about (the MB) was that sawed off leading edge. The turf interaction is much better with these, and the workability is still top-notch. I think it feels fantastic. If somebody works the ball left to right more than I do, they’d love this club.”

-- TGW customer Jay, +4 handicap

Make no mistake about it, the 716 MB was created for the best ball-strikers in the world, which is why Titleist relied on feedback from its Tour players as part of the design process and why these clubs are in the bags of some of the top players in professional golf. This is a true blade, and its thin topline, high muscle design, progressive CG placement, squarer toe, and forged construction all combine to offer maximum control, workability, and feel. Additionally, pre-worn leading edges help ensure less digging and more solid strikes. Unlike Titleist’s other 2016 offerings, tungsten weighting is not utilized in the 716 MB, which means players can expect less forgiveness on mis-hits than they might find in other models. But they can also expect incredible feedback, something elite players value. The stock shaft for the 716 MB irons is True Temper Dynamic Gold, with other options also available at no upcharge.

Titleist 716 T-MB Irons Review

TGW Customer Feedback on the Titleist T-MB Hybrid Irons

TGW Customer Feedback on the Titleist T-MB Hybrid Irons

The 716 T-MB irons could best be described as utility clubs. While some might quickly make a correlation to what has been known through the years as driving irons, T-MB is in a completely different league from a performance standpoint. For starters, these clubs were designed in terms of playability to offer high launch conditions, low spin, maximum distance, and impressive forgiveness, which is not at all how driving irons would be categorized. So in reality, T-MB would be more accurately classified as an alternative to a long iron or hybrid. In terms of performance, Tungsten weighting is utilized to create a low, deep CG for higher launch and less spin, and it’s also used along the perimeter of the clubface to improve forgiveness. Additionally, a thin face promotes faster ball speeds for more distance. Also differentiating 716 T-MB from the traditional driving iron is that you could order an entire set of these irons if you wanted to, although it should be pointed out that each iron is sold individually and the 6-PW are made as “only to order” products. True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts are the stock offering for 716 T-MB, but other premium options are also available at no upcharge.

Titleist 716 AP1 and AP2 Irons

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