Worth Their Weight In Tungsten

The new 716 family of irons from Titleist all feature new, extreme high density tungsten weighting. Each iron uses these weights in different locations to produce specific results for the golfers who prefer each club. For the AP1 player, the weight is placed in the toe for a lower center of gravity to increase speed, distance and forgiveness. The better player who prefers the AP2 gets heel-toe weights for a perfectly aligned CG with more stability. The T-MB utility iron uses the weight as a frame around the bottom of the club for stronger lofts, increased launch, speed and carry distance.

Titleist AP1 716 Irons

Titleist's AP1 Irons are the longest, most forgiving Titleist iron ever. The extreme 360-degree undercut cavity creates a larger, thinner, unsupported face that's activated for more speed and launch, giving you greater distance. High density tungsten in the toe moves weight to the perimeter to add forgiveness on off-center strikes. These are the most forgiving irons at this size.

Titleist AP2 716 Irons

The new AP2 Irons from Titleist are an even better players' iron with performance proven on Tour. Tour-proven distance comes from consistent speed. These irons use high density tungsten weights in the heel and toe to lower the center of gravity to keep it perfectly aligned at impact for serious speed. Those weights also increase MOI so you don't lose speed on off-center hits.

Titleist T-MB 716 Utility Iron

The T-MB 716 Irons are the latest utility iron from Titleist. Long and forgiving, these irons are technically innovative. Speed, launch and distance are produced by a thin, fast face and high-density tungsten that produces a low, deep CG for stronger loft. That added weight with a muscle back frame combines forgiveness with high launch, low spin, and longer carry distance.