Titleist 2016 NXT Tour Golf Balls


Titleist 2016 NXT Tour Golf Balls

Engineered For Performance and Distance

Titleist took on a lofty goal in redesigning the NXT Tour, as it has been an extremely popular ball for the company the last few years. But engineers felt that improvements could be made, especially as it related to distance off the tee and feel. With the new NXT Tour, they achieved success on both counts. The ball excels is in terms of distance with a driver and when using longer clubs in the bag, and the feel is noticeably softer than its predecessor. The improved distance comes from a larger dual core that produces faster ball speeds and lower spin rates on full shots with woods and long or mid irons, while the soft Fusablend cover provides softer feel and generates improved spin on shots played from around the green. The 302 dimple design also provides stability in the wind and consistency as it relates to both distance and trajectory, although it should be noted that players who use the NXT Tour can expect a higher ball flight than what will typically be found with NXT Tour S.

Titleist NXT Tour & NXT Tour S - Innovation that Matters

Ideal For:

Golfers whose budget might not lend itself to a Tour ball but who are still looking for high performance in terms of distance, spin, and feel. The new NXT Tour has been improved on all fronts, as it is longer than ever but also has a significantly softer feel. Additionally, it delivers around the green with faster stopping power. For those who are looking at the NXT family for their ball of choice, the NXT Tour delivers exceptional distance off the tee and on full shots, while the NXT Tour S is softer and delivers more spin and control around the green. Both, however, will fit a wide array of players given their price point and performance attributes.

Dual Core Engine

The larger center core creates faster ball speeds and reduces spin from the tee and on full shots for improved distance.

Fusablend Cover

The new proprietary cover produces softer feel and improves performance around the green by generating more spin.

302 Octahedral Dimple Design

Creates consistent launch conditions and a stable flight, even in windy conditions, to deliver consistency in terms of trajectory and distance.

What They're Saying...

“All of the innovation that Titleist puts into its new NXT Tour and NXT Tour S matters to golfers because when they step onto the tee box they’re going to see and feel the innovation as the ball travels through the air. Golfers are going to feel the innovation when they hit the wedge shot and see the ball stop. That’s where you’re going to see innovation from Titleist.”

Matt Hogge, Titleist Research and Development Director of Golf Ball Implementation


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