TaylorMade Mens R15 430 Driver


TaylorMade Mens R15 430 Driver

Customization and Performance Combined

The TaylorMade R15 driver was designed with distance in mind, and the impressive distance it generates is achieved in multiple ways. First, the center of gravity has been moved lower and more forward, creating higher launch angles and less spin, which is the ultimate combination when it comes to adding yards off the tee. Additionally, the redesigned Front Track system performs the same function as a Speed Pocket by creating fast ball speeds from impact points across the clubface. Also playing a significant role in the R15’s playability are enhanced customization options. Two sliding 12.5-gram weights in the Front Track can be positioned to help players create a draw or fade bias, as well as settings that will promote either distance or stability. Additionally, an adjustable hosel allows for +/- 2 degrees of loft and face angle adjustment to further help golfers achieve their preferred ball flight and trajectory. The standard R15 is a 460cc head, but it’s also available in a 430cc version for players who want a more compact profile and enhanced workability. TP versions, which feature various upgraded shaft options, are also available. The R15 driver comes in lofts of 9.5, 10.5, 12, and 14 degrees and at a stock length of 45.5 inches.

Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. R15 drivers have customization options that allow high- and low-handicappers alike to produce exactly what they want in terms of ball flight and trajectory, as well as the ability to fight a troubling miss. Additionally, the modified CG placement produces the high launch conditions and low spin numbers that every player is looking for in order to maximize distance. For those players who want the ultimate in workability, the smaller R15 430 might be a great choice, but the 460 version is a driver that will fit a broad range of player.

Front Track System

Forty grams of mass was moved 12mm closer to the clubface to create a low, forward CG placement.

Moveable Weight Adjustment

Two 12.5-gram weights in a sliding track allow golfers to create a ball flight bias or settings to achieve maximum distance or forgiveness.

Low, Forward CG

The modified CG placement creates high launch conditions and low spin rates for incredible distance.

This product is no longer available

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