TaylorMade Men's M2 Combo Irons


TaylorMade Men's M2 Combo Irons

Real Innovation With Unreal Distance In A Long Combo Set

TaylorMade's new M2 golf irons are loaded with innovation designed to give you incredible distance with every golf club. The club face is large, unsupported and thin with a new Speed Pocket on the sole to push the limits of distance and performance possible with irons. Now all that M2 performance is available in a combo set, replacing the long irons with easy to hit, high launching hybrids with more forgiveness all over the golf course.

"The big idea behind the M2 iron was all about achieving maximum distance without sacrificing peak trajectory. The materials and technologies that went into M2 allowed us to uniquely combine metalwood-like launch conditions with class-leading shot height, an achievement that even exceeded the expectations of those of us who designed and engineered it." -Tomo Bystedt, Director of Product Creation-Irons

TaylorMade Men's M2 Combo Irons features:

  • Set Composition: 3R, 4R, #5-PW
  • Large, unsupported, thin face with new Speed Pocket for ball speeds that push the limits of iron distance performance
  • 3 unique weight saving features position CG ultra-low to allow for stronger lofts without losing peak trajectory to provide long, playable shots with each iron
    • L-shaped toe design
    • 360° under cut
    • New thick-thin fluted hosel
  • New V-shaped badge provides great sound and dampens unwanted vibrations for better feel
  • Redesigned open channel Speed Pocket creates a larger sweet spot and ensures great distance form any lie
  • Low CG works with the Speed Pocket for hotter trajectory
  • Stock Shafts: REAX 88 steel • REAX graphite
  • Stock Grip: TM Speed Grey End Cap, 47 grams
TaylorMade Men's M2 Combo Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#4 19° 38.875" 61° 6.3mm D2
#5 21.5° 38.25" 61.75° 5.8mm D2
#6 25° 37.625" 62.5° 5.3mm D2
#7 28.5° 37" 63° 4.7mm D2
#8 33° 36.5" 63.5° 4.0mm D2
#9 38° 36" 64° 3.5mm D2
#PW 43.5° 35.5” 64.5° 3.0mm D2
#AW 49° 35.5" 64.5° 2.5mm D2
#SW 55° 35.25" 64.5° 2.5mm D3
#LW 60° 35" 64.5° 2.5mm D3

This product is no longer available

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