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TaylorMade Ladies MCGB Irons

Hand: Right
Set Composition: #5-SW
Shaft: UST Recoil ES 450
Flex: Ladies
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TaylorMade Ladies MCGB Irons

Max Distance, Incredible Launch Throughout Your Set

The new M CGB irons are a super game-improvement entry from TaylorMade, its first in the last few years, and they have been designed to complement the company’s popular M1 and M2 irons as part of the M family. Where the M CGB irons will excel is in terms of distance and forgiveness. As it relates to distance, what’s most notable is that every club in the set offers nearly max COR, which means even with the short irons players can count on explosive distance numbers. Additionally, the use of tungsten weighting in four ports on the back of the club are creating a low, deep CG position that provides incredibly stability at impact, as well as naturally high launch conditions. In fact, TaylorMade is saying that the M CGB irons achieve higher peak heights than any irons it has created in the last five years. Also of note, an ultra-thin clubface has been utilized to produce fast ball speeds, and a Speed Pocket on the sole and Face Slots on the clubface work together to protect ball speed on poor strikes to maintain distance and offer better overall performance on mis-hits. Additionally, TaylorMade has used a 3D sound management badge and Hybrar damper to create a softer feel and better acoustics than what many other irons in the super game-improvement category can offer. TaylorMade’s ladies M CGB irons are being offered with the UST Recoil 450 ES as a stock shaft, and the stock grip is the TaylorMade Winn Dual Feel.


Stock Shaft UST Recoil 450 ES graphite
Stock Grip TaylorMade Winn Dual Feel
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Ideal For:

Higher-handicap golfers or players with more modest swing speeds. The M CGB irons were designed for golfers who need maximum distance and enhanced launch with every club in the bag, and on that level they will deliver, as TaylorMade has packed just about every technological innovation that it has to offer into the design. That said, for a super game-improvement iron, the shaping is quite traditional and the feel is solid as well, which might land the M CGBs in the bags of some mid-handicappers as well.

TaylorMade M CGB Irons Review

See what TGW and one of its customers had to say about TaylorMade’s new M CGB irons.

Speed Pocket Technology

Flexible Speed Pocket design protects ball speed on shots struck low on the clubface to provide more forgiveness and better results on mis-hits.

Face Slots

Help maintain ball speed on shots struck from the heel or toe to achieve improved distance consistency regardless of strike.

Tungsten Weighting

Four weight ports that contain injection-molded tungsten enable the ideal weight distribution to establish a low, deep CG position that creates enhanced MOI, naturally high launch conditions, and improved stability at impact.

What They're Saying ...

“If your goal as a golfer is to hit every club longer, this is the iron for you. And it’s 15 percent higher MOI (than M2) also, so it’s just a very easy club to play.”

Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade Senior Director of Global Irons

“They are very, very long, and they’re probably one of the most forgiving clubs I’ve ever hit before. The forgiveness, you could feel it all the way through the clubface in this iron. And they’re very easy to get up in the air.”

TGW customer Cliff, 5 handicap

TaylorMade Ladies M CGB Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#4 20.5° 37.88" 61° 6.3mm C2
#5 23° 37.25" 61.75° 5.8mm C2
#6 26° 36.63" 62.5° 5.3mm C2
#7 29.5° 36" 63° 4.7mm C2
#8 33.5° 35.5" 63.5° 4.2mm C2
#9 38° 35" 64° 3.5mm C2
PW 43° 34.5" 64.5° 3.0mm C2
AW 48.5° 34.5" 64.5° 2.6mm C2
SW 54° 34.25" 64.5° 1.8mm C2