TaylorMade Ladies 2017 M2 Driver


TaylorMade Womens 2017 M2 Driver

Enhanced Sound, Feel, Forgiveness, And Performance

Maybe the biggest surprise of the 2016 golf season was the sheer dominance of TaylorMade’s M2 driver. When it was first released, many viewed the M2 as nothing more than the M1’s little brother. But as the year progressed it became the most popular driver in golf among touring pros and amateurs alike. That left TaylorMade with a significant challenge in making the new M2 driver even better, but it’s a challenge that has been accomplished, albeit in multiple ways. First and foremost when it comes to the new M2 women's driver is the introduction of Geocoustic Technology, as TaylorMade combined innovative shaping to increase the overall MOI with improved acoustic engineering that creates better sound and feel at impact. Additionally, by using more carbon in the design, 25 grams of weight was freed up to create a larger overall footprint for more forgiveness and a CG placement that’s even lower and deeper than it was in the original M2, which creates high launch, low spin, and enhanced stability at impact. Also of note, the Speed Pocket on the new M2 has also been redesigned and is now three times more flexible than its predecessor, which is creating faster ball speeds. As was the case with the original, the new M2 features a 460cc clubhead and a lightweight aluminum loft sleeve that allows players to adjust loft by +/- 2 degrees to achieve their preferred ball flight. The stock shaft for the new M2 women’s driver is the Fujikura REAX 45, while the stock grip is the 37-gram Winn Dual Feel.


Stock Shaft Fujikura REAX 45
Stock Grip TM Winn Dual Feel, 37 grams
Adjustability +/- 2° of loft adjustability
Stock Length 44 1/2 inches
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Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. What made the original M2 so popular among golfers with dramatically different playing profiles was that it delivered an incredible combination of distance, launch, and forgiveness. And that will again be the case with the new M2, although players can expect even more ball speed and better ball speed protection on mis-hits. Additionally, the new shape, which is slightly larger, will only serve to inspire more confidence from golfers at address. All said, as popular as M2 was in 2016, there’s a good chance that the new M2 will be even more popular when all is said and done.

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Drivers with TGW

Chris Wallace of TGW talks with Brian Bazzel, Director of Product Creation for TaylorMade, about the 2017 M2 Drivers.

Speed Pocket

Redesigned for the new M2, the Speed Pocket is now three times more flexible than it was in the original M2, which creates faster ball speeds across the face.

Speed Rocket

Carbon Composite Construction

The use of more carbon in the clubhead created discretionary weight that was used to create a lower, deeper CG placement.

Carbon Composite Construction

Geocoustic Technology

Optimal sound and feel are created by combining unique geometric shaping and improved acoustic management in the overall design.

Geocoustic Technology

Lightweight, Aluminum Loft Sleeve

Allows players to adjust loft (+/-2 degrees) and lie angle to create their ideal trajectory and ball flight.

Lightweight, Aluminum Loft Sleeve

What They're Saying ...

“I didn’t predict the level of excitement of the M2 on Tour. With the new M2 we had to push the limits. We had to use clever geometric shaping to give the player more forgiveness and we also wanted to give them incredible, explosive sound.”

Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade Senior Director of Product Creation for Metalwoods

“Overall, I don’t know that golfers will appreciate the level of advancement in forgiveness in these products. The materials changed, and the construction process in which we put these products together is about ninety percent different. It was all done to make a revolutionary product line even better.”

Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade Senior Director of Product Creation for Metalwoods

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