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Swing Sock Warm-Up/Swing Trainer

Color: Blue
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    Swing Sock...Increase Your Power & Distance!

    "The Swing Sock will help you develop a powerful and consistent swing that stays on plane" Rick Grayson, PGA- Golf Magazines Top 100 Instructor

    Swing Sock Warm-Up/Trainer features:
  • Weighted sock attaches easily and securely to any iron or wedge
  • Will help to improve your tempo, timing and increases club head speed for greater distance
  • Can be used any time you feel the need to loosen up, great in cold weather
    • Get your muscles warmed up and ready to go, make the proper golf swing in seconds
    • In just a few swings your muscles are loose and ready for the the first hole
  • Improve your strength in the hands, arms, shoulders and back
    • Increases your flexibility and stretches all the important upper body muscles used in the golf swing
  • No more swinging 2 clubs, and feeling 2 club heads moving around while swinging
  • No more swinging donuts that slide up or down
  • Swing Sock fits conveniently in your golf bag
  • Warm-up and drill instructions included

  • Models:

    • Lite Weight -Ideal for Senior, Women and Junior golfers 5 oz Color: Red

    • Performance Weight -Ideal for most golfers playing abilities 8 oz Color: Blue

    • Tour Weight -Ideal for Low handicap high swing speed golfers 13 oz Color: Green

    Swing Sock...Gets You Warm In A Hurry!