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Why Wichita
We?re in Wichita. And it?s definitely not the Wichita you?re picturing in your head right now. Fact is you can?t afford NOT to live here.
Wichita is Affordable
The median single family home price, $118K, is one third of what it is in Boston or D.C. metro areas and a quarter of what it is in the NY metro area.
Wichita has Great Entertainment
Wichita has numerous world-class zoos, parks, movie theatres and stadiums. In addition, the ?Old Town? district is home to some of Wichita?s best restaurants and night life.
Wichita is Accessible
It doesn?t feel big, even at rush hour. With Mid-Continent Airport available, you don?t have to worry about large terminals and huge lines. Nothing is more than 15 minutes from TGW HQ.
Natural Beauty
Wichita hasn?t lost her sense of Kansas wonder. With rolling hills, endless prairie, rustling corn fields, shady vales, path-laced parks, Wichita has something for everyone.