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Srixon Soft Feel Lady 5 Pink Golf Balls
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Srixon Soft Feel Lady 5 Pink Golf Balls

Golf Ball Model: #1-#4
Color: Pink
Golf Ball Quantity: 12-Ball Pack
Orig. $19.99
Now $1599
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Srixon Soft Feel Lady 5 Pink Golf Balls

Total Performance Golf Balls Have Never Felt Better

Amazingly, this is the 10th generation of the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball and the fifth generation of the ladies version, which is evidence as to just how well this product has performed for Srixon through the years. While the Soft Feel, not surprisingly given its name, has always been known for its soft feel, the latest version is the softest yet, as its compression has been reduced from 72 to 60. The enhanced softness, however, has not come at the expense of performance, as players can still expect an excellent combination of distance and accuracy off the tee on all full shots. Additionally, the cover has been made thinner and softer to help improve spin around the green. The Soft Feel comes in both white and yellow colors for men, while the ladies version is available in white and passion pink.

Ideal For:

Higher- or mid-handicap players, seniors, and ladies who don’t generate a lot of clubhead speed but want a ball that provides soft feel with consistent distance and improved accuracy. The Soft Feel excels as a distance ball and its lower spin rates make it especially accurate off the tee. While it might not provide as much greenside spin as other members of the Srixon ball family, when compared to other balls in its category the Soft Feel fares quite well in that regard, which is among the reasons why it has been one of Srixon’s all-time most popular products.

Srixon Soft Feel 10 and Lady 5 Golf Balls

Chris Wallace from TGW talks with Eli Miller, product manager of Srixon Golf about the Soft Feel 10 and Lady 5 Golf Balls.

Energetic Gradient Growth Core

Advanced construction creates optimal transfer of energy for maximum distance and enhanced performance.

Softer, Low-Compression Core

Promotes a softer feel on full shots without sacrificing distance or accuracy.

Softer, Thinner Cover

Generates more spin on shots played around the green while maintaining exceptionally soft feel.

What They're Saying...

“This is one of our most popular and well-known global offerings. What we’ve done for this generation, we’ve maintained the incredible performance on every shot but we’ve made it feel even softer. It’s the softest feeling, low-compression, two-piece golf ball that we’ve made.”

Eli Miller, Srixon Golf Product Manager

“This is a golf ball for a very broad range of player. Any player that demands the ultimate soft feel of a low-compression, two-piece golf ball or a player that doesn’t have the highest swing speed and just wants a great all-around ball that’s going to optimize and improve every part of their game, the Soft Feel is that golf ball.”

Eli Miller, Srixon Golf Product Manager