Srixon Men's Z 355 Hybrid


Srixon Men's Z 355 Hybrid

More Forgiving And Stable For Incredible Hybrid Distance

The primary objective for Srixon’s 3 series product line, including the Z 355 hybrids, was to create clubs that would enable golfers to enjoy more consistent results even after a poor swing or strike. Accomplishing that goal led to a new approach for Srixon, as it created what it calls Action Mass Technology for the 3 series. Company engineers discovered that by utilizing heavier clubheads with lighter shafts that featured higher balance points they could create golf clubs that delivered not only more distance but increased stability and forgiveness as well, a combination that produces more consistent results. Additionally, from a technological standpoint, the Z 355 hybrids feature steel face cups, which create larger sweet spots and a clubface that flexes more to help maintain faster ball speeds from all impact points. In terms of playability, the hybrids were created with a shallow head design that helps generate higher launch. And finally, the Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft that comes stock in the 355 hybrids is a crucial aspect of the design, as Srixon and Miyazaki collaborated to implement the higher balance point needed to make Action Mass work as intended. The Z 355 hybrids are available in lofts of 19, 23, and 26 degrees, and all three models utilize bonded hosels, so there is no adjustability.


Models/Lofts 3H/19° • 4H/23° • 5H/26°
Grip Srixon by Golf Pride, 44 grams
Length 3H/40.25" • 4H/39.75" • 5H/39.25"
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Ideal For:

Golfers of all ability levels who would like assistance in improving their consistency with a hybrid. Some might refer to the Z 355 hybrids as game-improvement clubs, but that would probably be too narrow in terms of a description. With Action Mass Technology, these are clubs that will deliver impressive playability for low- and high-handicappers alike, and the Z 355 hybrids have garnered an impressive reputation as it relates to stability and forgiveness, which will land these hybrids in the bags of golfers with varying player profiles.

Action Mass Technology

By using heavier clubheads and higher balance point shafts, the Z 355 hybrids are more stable and forgiving, as well as impressive in terms of distance and launch conditions.

Action Mass Technology

Maraging Steel Face Cup

Creates a larger sweet spot and more flexible clubface to improve forgiveness by keeping ball speeds high from impact points across the face.

Shallower Head Design

A deeper center of gravity and shallower face create higher launch and enhanced workability.

What They're Saying...

“We want to help all golfers get better. Consistency is the key. The Z 355 fairway and hybrid are built with Action Mass. They feature a high-strength, forgiving face and a playable profile. We know the golfer is always striving to improve their game. With the 3 series, they’re going to find the consistency they’ve always been looking for.”

Jeff Brunski, Srixon/Cleveland Golf Director of Research and Development

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“The rescue, actually, really felt good to me. It was really easy to hit. I mean, it came off really good.”

TGW customer Mike, 4 handicap

“On the hybrid, I liked the higher ball flight that I got with it. If you’re coming in on an approach shot to long par-4s or long par-5s, you’re going to need a little bit more height to hold the ball on the green, so that was nice to be able to have that.”

TGW customer Nate, 3 handicap

This product is no longer available

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