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SkyCaddie LINX GT - Tour Watch Edition

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SkyCaddie LINX GT - Tour Watch Ed

Color: Black
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SkyCaddie LINX GT - Tour Watch Edition

A GPS Golf Watch With Shot Tracking Made Easy

SkyCaddie combines the LINX GT golf watch with the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS app for a more complete golf experience. The SkyCaddie LINX GT Tour Watch Edition starts with the standalone GPS watch with preloaded TrueGround golf course maps for distances you can trust. Then it adds shot tracking and loads more features to lower your score with no extra effort. The LINX GT tracks locations and distances for every shot without tags or extra work. Auto Shot Tracking means you can focus on your next shot while this system handles the rest. You can even edit your round after you play with the One Touch Editing system.

SkyCaddie LINX GT - Tour Watch Edition features:

  • Preloaded with 35,000 TrueGround golf course maps, worldwide
  • Accurate distances to bunkers, water hazards, creeks, fairways and more
  • IntelliGreen displays the true shape of the green, rotated by your approach
  • Auto Shot Tracking lets you play golf while capturing the location of every shot
    • LINX GT automatically records each swing so you can focus on your game
    • Auto Shot Tracking works in the background to track location and distance of each shot
    • Analyze your game in SkyGolf 360 to learn your shot tendencies
    • Automatically share your round in real-time with friends, family or your instructor
    • One Touch Editing allows you to modify shots after your round
  • Powered by the LINX GT, pair with the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS app on your smartphone
  • Digital scorecard and stat tracking lets you track as many or as few stats as you wish
  • Sunlight-readable display features large, easy-to-read numbers and target icons
  • Smartphone notifications let you never miss a call, voicemail, text or email
  • Odometer tracks distance, pace and speed for any sport
  • What's in the box:
    • SkyCaddie LINX GT Watch
    • One SmartTag
    • Charging cable
    • 1-year prepaid card for access to advanced feature course maps, SkyCaddie Mobile app, SkyGolf 360 and more