SKLZ All-In-One Swing Trainer


SKLZ All-In-One Swing Trainer

Your Personal Teaching Pro

The SKLZ All-In-One swing trainer is a multi-function swing training system that can identify swing flaws and reinforce proper technique. There are settings to help any issue from head movement, hip sway, coming up from your posture, even fixing a slice.

SKLZ All-In-One Swing Trainer features:

  • Full adjustable to guide proper setup and swing mechanics
  • Identifies swing flaws and reinforces proper technique
  • Swing path guide promotes inside-square-inside path to eliminate slice
  • Settings to guide swing plane and prevent head movement, hip sway, coming out of posture and more
  • Configurations with adjustable features to any height
  • Breaks down to a compact travel size
  • Developed with a Professional Advisory Board of PGA, LPGA and European top teaching pros

This product is no longer available

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