PING Spring 2018 Golf Clubs

Earlier this year PING introduced their Spring 2018 golf clubs. The new releases include PING’s most forgiving driver, powerful irons, and a new generation of putters designed to help you play golf better and to make the game more fun. TGW will take you from tee to green to discover how these new clubs will help your game.

PING G400 Max Driver

PING G400 Max Driver

Image of PING G400 Max Driver

PING took the popular G400 driver and made improvements to its design and construction, resulting in the new G400 Max. Max means maximum forgiveness. In fact, it’s the most forgiving driver PING has ever produced with a combined MOI rating of more than 9,900. That’s a remarkable number. We’ll tell you just what that means and how PING achieved it.

It all starts with the larger 460cc head. The Dragonfly Technology crown and thinner face move four times as much weight for precise performance. These weight savings are moved into a high-density back weight that wraps around the back of the sole, helping to move the center of gravity lower and further back to make launch easier and increase forgiveness. This driver has the highest moment of inertia (MOI) rating PING has ever achieved, meaning the clubhead is highly resistant to twisting when you make contact away from the center of the club face. Simply put, higher MOI means more stability by limiting how much the clubhead twists when you strike the ball off-center and more stability means more forgiveness.

“It’s remarkable how long and straight the G400 Max flies,” said John K. Solheim, President of PING. “The forgiveness is off the charts and leads to tighter dispersion, which reveals just how consistent your distance and accuracy results will be on the golf course.”

For golfers looking for more consistency off the tee, this is the driver for you. Not only will it help you hit it straighter, it’s fast to help you hit it farther. Try this driver out if you need to find the fairway more often.

PING G700 Irons

PING G700 Irons

Image of PING G700 Irons

One constant in the game of golf is players wanting to hit the ball further. PING describes their newest irons as distance without sacrifice. By combining a hollow body design with a thin, maraging steel face, G700 irons are PING’s longest, highest-flying irons ever.

The iron design starts with a hollow club head. This is a feature PING uses in their crossover club, so expect some performance like the hybrid-iron. The hollow club head moves weight away from the face and into the perimeter of the head for more forgiveness and allows the face to flex more. By creating that type of frame, the clubface actually flexes more like a metal-wood. The end result is amazing ball speed and high launch.

Maraging steel is a strong, flexible alloy, containing up to 25% nickel and other metals, strengthened by a process of slow cooling and age hardening. It is the same material PING uses in their fairways, hybrids, and crossovers. The stronger and more flexible a material is, the more energy and speed it transfers to the golf ball to create greater distance. Since maraging steel is one of the strongest, most flexible alloys, when used in a golf club, those qualities allow the clubface to flex more for faster ball speeds and higher launch, which means more distance for you.

“We’re seeing significant ball-speed increases in the G700 while maintaining the consistency and control golfers need to improve their iron play,” said Solheim. “It also has a great overall look, especially at address, and a premium finish.”

This combination of premium materials, fast and flexible design, as well as perimeter weighting, creates a total package of distance, easy launch, and forgiveness. Golfers are always going to want to it hit farther and the G700 irons are here to make it that much easier to do so.

PING Vault 2.0 Putters

PING Vault 2.0 Putters

Image of PING Vault 2.0 Putters

PING Vault putters are 100% milled and designed for Tour-level touch and precision on the greens. The Vault 2.0 family features the proven innovation of PING’s True Roll Technology and adds in a new custom-weighting system.

This new system matches the weights in the sole of the club to the length to best fit every golfers’ feel and balance needs. Standard putters between 34” and 36” in length feature steel weights in the heel and toe. Putters shorter than 34” use tungsten weights that are 15 grams heavier than standard. Putters longer than 36” include aluminum weights that are 15 grams lighter than standard. Balance is immensely important to the putting stroke and custom weighting ensures perfectly-matched performance. When your putter is perfectly balanced and weighted, it allows you create a smoother, consistent stroke with the right feel to control distance.

True Roll Technology is a precision-milled design on the face that varies the depth of the milling to deliver forgiveness across the entire face. Milling the putter face in this way speeds up off-center hits, protecting ball speed and distance control at more impact points.

“As we advance the technologies we apply in designing and manufacturing our putters, we’re able to offer more putter-fitting options than ever,” said Solheim. “The precision with which we mill the PING Vault 2.0 putters allows us to fine-tune the specifications that best match a golfer’s stroke and feel preference. With our new weighting system, we’re able to add or reduce the overall head weight to achieve the best balance for each player which will lead to more consistency on the greens.”

You can get a Vault 2.0 putter to fit exactly what you like. There are six models available: four blades and two mallets. Many of them are available in your choice of Stealth, Platinum, or Copper finish along with different grips to make your preferred feel.

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