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PING Mens i210 Irons

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  • Left
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  • #4-PW
  • #4-UW
  • Utility Wedge
    Utility Wedge
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  • Blue 1.0 Upright
    Blue 1.0 Upright
  • Black Standard
    Black Standard
  • Red 1.0 Flat
    Red 1.0 Flat
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  • TT Dynamic Gold Steel
    TT Dynamic Gold Steel
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  • Regular
  • Soft Regular
    Soft Regular
  • Stiff
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  • The new PING i210 irons are the newest evolution in a line of players irons with clean, compact looks and maximum playability.
  • The elastomer insert is now 30% larger and 50% softer, providing more face contact for a softer, muted feel at impact while transferring more energy to the golf ball.
  • Refined leading edges and sole profiles offer incredible interaction through the turf for more precise distance and workability with more shot-making consistency.
  • A progressive structural design creates hotter, more forgiving long irons with precise feel and control in the mid and short irons.
  • Precision machining on the face and grooves make the club face perfectly flat for precise distance.
  • PING's Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish repels water for more consistency shots from rough and wet grass while resisting scratches and wear.
  • Grooves in the pitching wedge and utility wedge are closer together for added friction to improve spin and distance control.
  • PING i210 irons are ideal for competition-focused golfers with a clean appearance and focus on precision, control, and workability.


  • Larger, softer activated elastomer insert
  • Refined leading edge and sole profile
  • Progressive structural design and offset from long to mid and short irons
  • CNC-machined face and grooves
  • Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish

Larger, Softer Elastomer Insert

The elastomer insert in the i210 irons is 30% bigger in volume and 50% softer. That material activates at impact, ensuring a soft feel and greater energy transfer to the golf ball.

Progressive Structure

Progressive structural designs and offsets fine-tune the performance of every club as you move through the set. The result is hotter, more forgiving long irons with precision feel and control the mid and short irons.

CNC-Machined Face and Grooves

Precision machining makes the club face perfectly flat for more precision and distance control. The grooves on the pitching wedge and utility wedge are also closer to together, improving spin and distance control by allowing more grooves to contact the ball.

HydroPearl Finish

PING's HydroPearl 2.0 chrome finish repels water for more consistency on shots from rough and wet grass. This finish also resists scratches and wear.

PING i210 Iron Shaft Options

Choose from over 10 shaft options with no upcharge.

Refined Leading Edges and Sole Profiles

Refined Leading Edges and Sole Profiles

The leading edges and soles of each club are refined to provide incredible performance through the turf. This provides golfers with precision distance with workability and consistency to make the right shot, every time.

Find Your Lie Angle Color Code


  • New: New
  • Top Rated: 4
  • 3 Iron: 19° Loft | 39" Length | 60° Lie | 0.21" Offset | 5° Bounce | D2 Swing Weight
  • 4 Iron: 22.5° Loft | 38 1/2" Length | 60.5° Lie | 0.18" Offset | 6° Bounce | D2 Swing Weight
  • 5 Iron: 26° Loft | 38" Length | 61° Lie | 0.15" Offset | 7° Bounce | D2 Swing Weight
  • 6 Iron: 29.5° Loft | 37 1/2" Length | 61.5° Lie | 0.12" Offset | 8° Bounce | D2 Swing Weight
  • 7 Iron: 33° Loft | 37" Length | 62° Lie | 0.09" Offset | 9° Bounce | D2 Swing Weight
  • 8 Iron: 37° Loft | 36 1/2" Length | 62.8° Lie | 0.07" Offset | 10.5° Bounce | D2 Swing Weight
  • 9 Iron: 41° Loft | 36" Length | 63.5° Lie | 0.05" Offset | 12° Bounce | D2.5 Swing Weight
  • Pitching Wedge: 45° Loft | 35 1/2" Length | 64.1° Lie | 0.03" Offset | 13° Bounce | D3 Swing Weight
  • Utility Wedge: 50° Loft | 35 1/2" Length | 64.1° Lie | 0.02" Offset | 13° Bounce | D3 Swing Weight
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Stock Shaft: Dynamic Gold 120 (steel) | Alta CB (graphite)
  • Gender: Men's
  • Type: Irons & Iron Sets
PING Mens i210 Irons Blue 1.0 Upright #4-UW TT Dynamic Gold Steel is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 27.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Irons I’ve ever played I was playing yellow dot ping i15’s for the past 2 years. They were given to me and were not to my specs but they were serviceable. As I play a lot of golf including some tournaments I wanted clubs that fit me better. I looked at the i500’s, Titleist AP2 and AP3, TaylorMade P790, various Mizuno’s, ping iBlades, and a few others. After watching a hundred videos comparing irons, I finally chose the i210’s. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The only negative in any reviews about the i210’s were related to distance. I figured I’d be adding a bit of distance in moving from the 10 year old i15’s to the new technology in the i210’s anyway but when I found that the i210’s are offered in the slightly de-lofted power spec, I was sold. I got my i210’s in red dot (1 degree flat) based on the ping fitting chart, with true temper dynamic gold 105 R300’s based on my preference for regular flex and light shafts over stiff heavier shafts as I have played both, and the power spec lofts, with tour velvet grips. First, the clubs look great. Very close to player irons or blades which is the look I prefer. Second, the elastomer makes the impact feel perfect. Way softer feel than the i15’s. Third, I was hitting about 35% greens in regulation with the i15’s over the past 2 years but am only a 7.5 index. I’ve only played one round with the i210’s and I played without taking a single swing on the range with them since they arrived just before I left to play a round. I shot an 82 at a very difficult course and hit 67% of greens in regulation. Irons have always been my weakest part of my game but I was striking the i210’s more accurately than any irons I’ve Played or tested. Fourth, distance-wise, I was hitting my 7 iron with the i15’s 150-155 yds. The i210 7 iron was 160-165. I seemed to gain nearly 10 yds per club. I hit a 190 4 iron into heavy wind where my i15 4 iron would never get me that distance. Fifth, I felt the mishits clearly. I hit one or two shots off the toe and I could see the mark on the face of the iron. I definitely felt the mishit And these were pretty bad mishits but the ball still flew straight and I only lost 10-15 yds even where the strike was so far to the toe that I almost missed it completely. Sixth, I hit every iron shot straight. Very little draw or fade. No slice or hook. I had a pull/hook problem with the i15’s probably because I was playing yellow dots instead of red dots. So far, that problem seems to be solved. Overall, a great purchase. No complaints. Sorry for the loooong review.
Date published: 2018-12-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very consistent and feel great! Got these after playing the i500s. The i500s are long, but not the best feeling. The i210s feel much better. Very smooth. I like how they look at address. Nice irons!
Date published: 2018-12-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Softer than all my forged clubs. Got fitted for this set with modus 105 stiff shafts. Confidence builder. Love hitting these irons, softest clubs ive had, softer than 3 forged sets ive owned before. My game definitely improved and having more fun.
Date published: 2018-10-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love the feel and performance. Was gaming the i200 so wasn't sure I wanted to make the switch. Glad I did. The feel is a lot closer to what is expected of a forged iron. I picked up about 1/2 club in distance and the ball seems to stop on the greens a little better. I had KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts in the i200 and put TT XP95 R300's in the i210's. The ball flite on the 210's is higher but that may be because of the shaft. It's a very workable club and it's easy to hit little knock downs with the W and U clubs. Forgiveness is about the same as the i200. In my opinion this is a player's club and would do anything a single digit capper would ask of it. Would definitely recommend this iron.
Date published: 2018-10-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Game Changer! Recently moved from i Series E1 4-UW in yellow dot with CFS stiff to these BadBoyz and they have changed my game! The E1's were great btw. The E1 were an impulse buy, second hand purchase that were in store at the "right price at the right time" I just hit them, liked the feel and forked over the cash. Mainly because I've trusted PING gear since I was a kid and needed an update within family budget at the time. Longer story short, after 12 years out of the game, those E1's helped get me from 21 to 9.5 index in 18 months, but it turns out they were a bit too upright. Also I play almost everyday and those irons have done some serious work! So I finally convinced the Mrs to "let me" get fitted for new bats a month ago... Hit a whole host of clubs in the process but there was a CLEAR WINNER. Whilst I saw my desired higher ball flight and workability during my fitting, I knew there was more to the story. Went with the retro lofts, as i'm a low ball striker who gets a bit steep on it and I like my wedges. I must be a freak because everyone seems to be chasing distance with their "jacked" lofts and I just want accuracy? Great fitter (Andrew Cartledge - @ Golf City, Australia) Ordered everything! 3-U in Retro loft black dot with Nippon Modis Tour 105 shafts so I could have a play around with the set make-up. It's taken me a few weeks to get used to my new gapping and wedge set-up, having reduced almost a full club in carry distance (by the number on the bottom) due to the average 3* weaker loft, but it's MORE than made up for in ACCURACY, LAUCH, SPIN and they just feel SO SOFT. These irons look great and I just can't get over how they START ON TARGET AND STAY ON TARGET! (Get fitted :)) After a month in the bag...WOW! Hitting it like "PING MAN"! I've hit the pin twice this week on Par 3's! That HIO in a comp is coming, I can feel it! I've never had so much control with my approach shots and I know they're going the right number (human outliers excluded) I Have always laughed at players with iron covers... No more! The i210s still have the factory covers on and I'm currently in the Iron Covers market, because these babies deserve protection! Not sure what's going on with the naming convention but honestly you could call them i54673836352's and I'd still game them! Do yourself a favour, get fitted for i210s!!!!!! Close to a Full PING bag now, just need a couple of Stealth wedges. Great job to everyone at Ping! Thank you for changing my game and play your best.
Date published: 2018-10-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Solid Played ping irons for 40 years, blades and i's, the i210 is by far the best ping iron that I have ever played, power spec loft and Nippon shaft.
Date published: 2018-09-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from great irons Its been not so long that i started golf and being a sportsman, attached to this game to an extent, where no other sports stand now.. Selecting the right clubs was a real concern and even living outside US, was yet another task. Bought M2 irons, could not adjust, then took 718 AP2 again could not adjust, then ordered P790, yet i was a bit sketchy.Recently, saw ping new release, again got a wish to try ping this time. It was quite a decision to opt for 500 or 210. Saw many reviews and test trials on net and fortunately told some one to get me a set of i 210. Here it came, means just yesterday from miles away. Took 9i and 7i imed and made some hitting ... how it could be felt ? Really its not an over saying or exaggerating, i got so satisfied merely with few range hits. i am a keen golfer where i must say that if any one like me, who thinks that changing irons may get his game ability changed........try this one. i am much satisfied...........just dont give a second thought.....and get these irons...you will not be disappointed......rather be much happy ..once your 9 iron give you good distance and feel. .i got my clubs with project XLZ 5.0.......best of luck
Date published: 2018-09-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Feels "Lovely" My previous irons were Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal. I was happy with them until just by chance I had the opportunity to hit some i210. The thing the immediately got my attention was the feel of the i210's. As the British reviewers on YouTube would say, the feel of the i210 was just "lovely". After that I just had to have a set. Not only do they have a better feel than my Mizuno's, but on the course I hit them straighter, higher, and with a tighter dispersion. I was happy with the Mizuno's, but the i210's are even better. Now if I just could putt as well as I hit the i210's, I'd have a handicap in the single digits!
Date published: 2018-09-23
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is ALTCB shaft (Stiff) similar to CSF 80 (S) shafts which I currently have in my Ping-i irons?

Asked by: troutyboy
The PING Alta CB Graphite Shaft is Ping's proprietary counter-balance design allows for more mass in the head to increase energy transfer. Powered by AWT (Ascending Weight Technology) this premium shaft employs a steeper weight progression to provide a unique balance of high trajectory, increased ball speed, and stable feel in the long irons, yet controlled trajectory and a smooth feel in the short irons. The stiff shaft for this shaft is 83g with a mid launch profile. You can customize your set with the CFS shaft if you prefer by clicking the "enter custom specs" tab located just above the image of the irons.
Answered by: TGW_Esa
Date published: 2018-11-21

How do I custom fit

Asked by: Francis3174
Just above the picture of the irons on the product page you will see tabs to click on for either the fitting guide or to enter custom specs, which will allow you to customize the clubs to your specifications.
Answered by: TGW_Esa
Date published: 2018-08-03

55 years old,been playing stiff shafts in my irons,starting to hit everything left,should I switch to regular flex?

Asked by: Jeffbel
Low and left can also be a result if the shaft's too stiff. We would recommend experimenting with a regular shaft.
Answered by: TGW_Esa
Date published: 2018-08-03

Where is your customization page?

Asked by: Eebomb
You may customize these clubs by clicking the "enter custom specs" tab located just above the picture of the irons.
Answered by: TGWChase
Date published: 2018-07-24

will you offer the Power Spec lofts ?

Asked by: grump
The power spec loft option is now available under the club customization. You may customize the club by clicking the "enter custom specs" tab located just above the image of the irons.
Answered by: TGW_Esa
Date published: 2018-07-19
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