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PING Mens G400 Fairways

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PING Mens G400 Fairways

Effortless Launch With Increased Ball Speed

As is the case with the entire G400 line, players can expect to see faster ball speeds and more distance when it comes to the new G400 fairway woods. Fueling the ball speed and distance increases are a new Maraging Steel clubface that has been utilized in the design. It features the use of C300 steel, which is lightweight, strong, and flexible, and the result is an increased flexing of the face that generates faster ball speeds from all impact points. The G400 fairways also feature a cascading sole design that helps the clubface flex more at impact, and the sole design allows to the club to sit lower to the ground so that players naturally strike the ball higher on the clubface, which will improve launch conditions and overall results. Additionally, the G400 fairway woods are extremely forgiving thanks to a low, deep CG that has been made possible by a lightweight 17-4 stainless steel crown and a high-density back weight. More specifically, the G400 fairways offers MOI increases of roughly five percent above what the G fairway woods offered. G400 fairway woods are available in lofts of 14.5, 17.5, 20.5, and 23.5 degrees. There’s also a strong 3-wood model, The Stretch, that features a larger profile, deeper face, and 13 degrees of loft for players who like to utilize a fairway wood primarily from the tee. G400 fairway woods come with the high-launching Alta CB 65 as a stock shaft and with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet as a stock grip.


Stock Shaft Alta CB 65
Stock Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Adjustability +/- 1 degree
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Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. There’s a lot to like about the G400 fairway woods, but the list starts with the ease with which these clubs launch the ball off the fairway. That happens in part because of their unique sole design and in part because of a clubface that flexes more at impact, the latter of which also contributes to the ball speed gains that golfers are seeing from the G400 fairways. Additionally, these are fairway woods that offer high MOI. Given all of their performance attributes, as well as the number of available models, it’s a good bet that they will prove to be popular among golfers with very different playing profiles.

PING G400 Fairway Wood, Hybrid Product Video

PING’s Marty Jertson speaks with TGW about the new G400 fairway woods and hybrids.

Maraging Steel Face

Strong, flexible C300 steel utilized in the face design produces more ball speed, and the increased flexing of the face creates higher launch conditions.

Cascading Sole

The sole design enables the face to flex more at impact and allows players to automatically strike the ball higher on the clubface for more effortless launch.

Ultra-Thin, Lightweight Crown

Thin 17-4 steel used in manufacturing the crown allows weight to be repositioned to create a low, deep CG placement and higher MOI.

What They're Saying ...

“One of the benefits of the face material being stronger is that we can make the face thinner. And when we make it thinner, we save weight from the face and we place it lower and deeper. We’re utilizing the same high density back weight as the driver on both of these products, and both the fairway and the hybrid have inertia gains of about five percent, so they fly even straighter.”

Marty Jertson, PING Director of Product Development

“(The sole design is) something we really worked on with the G fairway wood. That design property maintains here with the G400. It basically allows the lead edge to sit really low to the ground so that it moves the impact point on the face automatically higher on the face. When you hit it higher on the face, you’re going to hit better shots off the ground.”

Marty Jertson, PING Director of Product Development

PING Mens G400 Fairway Woods
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Head Volume Swing Weight
Stretch #3 13° 43" 56° 193cc D2
#3 14.5° 43" 56° 181cc D1
#5 17.5° 42.5" 56.5° 169cc D1
#7 20.5° 42" 57° 155cc D1
#9 23.5° 41.5" 57.5° 152cc D1
PING Mens G400 Fairway Wood Shaft Information
Alta CB 65 graphite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Soft Regular 63g Mid Mid-to-high
Regular 64g Mid Mid-to-high
Stiff 69g Mid Mid-to-high
Extra Stiff 71g Mid Mid-to-high