PING Men's G30 Irons


PING Men's G30 Golf Irons

Get Distance. Get Consistency. Sacrifice Nothing!

Distance, forgiveness and high launch enable you to launch the ball farther and higher so you can attack the pin. Progressive lengths and lofts and a thin face are key to achieving a higher max ball flight to give you the stopping power needed for scoring. Distance control and consistent, predictable results are provided by a custom tuning port that sits very low and supports a thin face to generate faster ball speeds.

PING Men's G30 Irons feature:

  • Set includes: #4 thru PW (45°) UW (50°)
  • Custom Tuning Port and undercut cavity help position the center of gravity low-back to optimize launch and forgiveness.
  • Ensures a solid feel to inspire confidence.
  • With distance also comes forgiveness and accuracy.
  • Slightly longer blade lengths help to increase moment of inertia, most noticeably in the 4- through 7-iron.
  • Progressive offset generates higher ball flights in the longer irons and penetrating, controlled trajectories with the scoring clubs.
  • Another advantage is a sole design optimized to promote solid contact with consistent trajectories.
  • To improve turf interaction, relief was added to the lead and trailing edges, and bounce was refined to perform with any angle of attack.
  • A soft elastomer badge further contributes to improved feel and sound in the perimeter-weighted design.
  • Use the Ping Color Code Chart to find the right lie angle dot for you
  • CFS Distance steel shaft available in Regular (100g), Soft Regular (95g), Stiff (110g), X-Stiff (115g)
  • TFC 419i graphite shaft available in Regular (74g), Soft Regular (70g), Stiff (86g)
  • Available separately: Sand Wedge (54°) Lob Wedge (58°)
  • Available in right- and left-hand
PING Men's G30 Golf Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#4 21° 38.88" 59.06° 0.29” D0
#5 24° 38.25" 60° 0.26” D0
#6 27° 37.63" 60.94° 0.23” D0
#7 30.5° 37" 61.88° 0.20” D0
#8 35° 36.5" 62.81° 0.18” D0
#9 40° 36" 63.75° 0.16” D0
#PW 45° 35.5" 64° 0.14” D2
#AW 50° 35.5" 64° 0.12” D2
#SW 54° 35.25" 64.25° 0.10” D4
#LW 58° 35" 64.5° 0.08” D6
PING Color Code Chart

This product is no longer available

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