PING Mens G30 Hybrid


PING Men's G30 Golf Hybrids

Faster Ball Speeds. More Distance & Consistency!

Custom engineering produces faster ball speeds and longer distance with a higher maximum shot height so you have the stopping power to hold greens, giving you the confidence to attack pins. To increase face deflection and ball speed for adding distance with a higher peak trajectory, the 17-4 stainless steel face uses a stronger H900 heat-treatment process, making it thin but strong. The result is more distance with the steeper landing angle you need to hold shots on the green.

PING Men's G30 Hybrid features:

  • Performance-engineered internal weight pads.
  • Heel-toe weighting elevates moment of inertia and forgiveness.
  • Weight in the low sole creates a low-back center of gravity (CG) for consistent impact and helps you launch the ball high and on target.
  • In the lower-lofted hybrids, the CG is farther back to promote high launch.
  • A lower, more forward CG through the mid- and higher-lofted models reduces spin.
  • Progressive CG locations and offsets ensure efficient gapping and trajectories that maximize distance.
  • To inspire confidence, the hybrids' top rail is flatter and the heel section is higher, providing a very square face at address.
  • Helps with aim and alignment consistency.
  • TFC 419H graphite shaft (lightweight, mid-to-high spin) available in Soft Regular, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff
  • Tour 90 graphite shaft (low-spin, heavier shaft for aggressive swingers) available in Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff
  • Specs: 2H (Loft 17 degrees, length 40.75 inches), 3H (Loft 19 degrees, length 40.25 inches), 4H (Loft 22 degrees, length 39.75 inches), 5H (Loft 26 degrees, length 39.25 inches), 6H (Loft 30 degrees, length 38.75 inches)
  • Swing Weight: D1
  • Available in left- and right-hand
  • PING 5L Round Grip
  • Includes headcover
PING Men's G30 Hybrids Shaft Information
TFC 419H Graphite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Soft Regular 64g 3.2° High
Regular 68g 3.1° Mid/High
Stiff 72g 2.9° Mid
Extra Stiff 77g 2.8° Low/Mid
Tour 90 Graphite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 73g 2.8° Mid
Stiff 82g 2.3° Low/Mid
Extra Stiff 87g 2.2° Low

This product is no longer available

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