PING Men's G SFT Fairway


PING Men's G Straight Flight Tec Fairway

Faster, More Stable, Easier Launch Off The Deck

Forgiveness, structural design, and face technology were all aspects of fairway wood engineering that PING had been pleased with in recent years, but the company set out to make it easier to launch the ball higher with the G series fairway woods, including the G SF Tech. To accomplish that goal, the sole has been modified. It’s now flatter and sits lower to the ground, but the clubface has not been altered from the G30 design. The new sole, however, makes it easier for players to hit the ball higher on the clubface, which means improved launch without sacrificing ball speed. There are two major differences between the G SF Tec and G fairway woods. First, weight was moved closer to the heel in the SF Tec. Second, the club’s overall swing weight is lighter. Both design features make it easier for golfers to square the clubface at impact to help correct a fade or slice. The SF Tec comes in lofts of 16 and 19 degrees, and PING offers four different stock shafts, with custom shafts are available as well.


Models/Lofts 3W/16° • 5W/19°
Grip PING 5L Round
Length 3W: 43" • 5W: 42.5"
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Ideal For:

Golfers who either struggle to square the clubface at impact or who are looking for draw bias in their fairway woods. The SF Tec fairway woods would be a good choice for players who struggle with slices or fades, as well as players who have a neutral ball flight but would like to be able turn the ball over with their fairway woods. In addition to filling those needs, the SF Tec will deliver the distance gains, optimized launch angles, and forgiveness that are performance features of the G fairway woods.

Lower Leading Edge

Flattening the sole of the G fairway woods moved the leading edge lower and the result is strikes higher on the clubface, which means better launch angles. PING estimates the new leading edge leads to strikes 12 percent higher on the face than the G30 typically produced.

Lower Leading Edge

Crown Turbulators

The Turbulators on the crown of the G reduce drag more in a driver than a fairway wood, but they remain in place to help golfers with their setup and alignment, as the center of the clubface is better framed at address by the Turbulators.

Crown Turbulators

Carpenter 455 Face

The materials used to construct the face are exceptionally strong but also lightweight, which makes for a clubface that flexes more to deliver higher launch and faster ball speeds. Additionally, friction is added to the face to reduce spin rates.

Carpenter 455 Face

Adjustable Loft Sleeve

Five settings and 2 degrees of adjustability (+/- 1° degrees of loft), allow golfers to dial in their desired loft, lie, and face angle, creating maximize performance and the ability to achieve a desired look at address.

What They're Saying...

“Our SF Tec offering, much like the driver, it’s helping that (right-handed) player naturally square up the ball and keep from hitting that ball to the right. It’s a really great fairway wood.”

Ryan Stokke, PING Design Engineering Manager

PING G Fairway Shaft Information
Alta 65 Graphite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Soft Regular 63g 3.6° High
Regular 64g 3.5° Mid-High
Stiff 68g 3.3° Mid

This product is no longer available

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