PING Cadence TR Series Craz-e-r Putters


PING Cadence TR Series Craz-e-r Putters

Hole More Putts With Confident, Predictable Control

PING's Craz-e-r Putter delivers repeatable results putt after putter with variable depth and width grooves in the insert with a continuous sightline that inspires confidence when you address your golf ball.

PING Cadence TR Series Craz-e-r Putters features:

  • Fit for all stroke types
  • Weight options
    • Traditional: blue grip and blue aluminum insert
    • Heavy: black grip and black steel insert
  • Variable Depth/Width Groove Insert is deeper in the center for consistent, predictable ball speeds and distance control
  • Varying width grooves provide a more responsive face with the feel of a non-grooved face
  • Continuous, floating sightline extends from the top of the face to the back for easy alignment and more confidence
  • Cadence PP58 Midsize grip
  • Available in left and right-hand
  • Lengths: 33" 34" 35" 36" Adjustable

This product is no longer available

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