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Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper

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Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper

Hand: Left
Length (in): 35
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Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper

Built To Get You Up And Down

The Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper is a brand new short game option that uses Odyssey's Tank weighting system to ensure a smoother swing for more consistent contact. Marxman alignment increases accuracy while the addition of a soft polymer insert gets the ball rolling toward your target faster and easier. A hybrid-like sole gets you out of trouble faster to make chipping a whole lot easier.

Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper feature:

  • Heavier 355 gram club head ensures a smoother swing for consistent contact
  • Heavier grip counterbalances the club that quiets the hands through impact
  • X-Act Sole is made like a hybrid to improve turn interaction around the green, especially on tight lies
  • Single layer polymer insert offers soft feel for all shots around the green
  • High definition Marxman Alignment System has two stripes running the length of the club to make alignment easier
  • Superstroke Chipper Grip is oversized with no taper to stabilize the hands and wrist
  • Longer design adds versatility to put your hands in different positions for a variety of shots
  • 37° loft