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Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter
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Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter

Hand: Left
Length (in): 33
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Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter

Stroke Balanced To Make You A More Consistent Putter

Odyssey unveils the next step in their putter innovation with the Odyssey Toe Up putters. Odyssey Toe Up putters feature Stroke Balanced technology that reduces torque during the putting stroke to minimize twisting. This makes it easier to get the face back to square when you roll your putts. Odyssey achieves this by placing more weight toward the face to balance the putter and keep the CG aligned in the center of the club face.

Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter feature:

  • Stroke Balanced technology reduces twisting to keep your putter on line
  • Shaft axis specifically aligned with the CG helps keep the face square at impact
  • Metal-X face with fly cut for a perfectly flat face with chemical etching for pure roll
  • Hi-Def Alignment with 3 white lines from the Marxman family that pop with the Charcoal PVD finish
  • Superstroke Flatso 1.0 grip designed for even pressure in both hands to elimite wrist action
  • Includes Superstroke's counter core technology with additional weights available separately
  • Includes head cover