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Momentus Swing Trainers

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  • Right
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  • Signature Tour Iron
    Signature Tour Iron
  • Tour Iron-Mens
    Tour Iron-Mens
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  • Training Grip
    Training Grip
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Momentus Swing Trainers

Fine Tune Your Swing

Momentus Swing Trainers feature:

  • As you routinely swing the Momentus, your club will swing effortlessly along the correct path
  • The result will be longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots
  • You will ingrain a feel for swinging the club that is impossible to achieve by just hitting range balls
  • Use the Momentus:
    • At home swing the Momentus 10 to 15 times a day following the "Momentum Drill" to develop a consistent feel for swinging the golf club on-plane
    • On the driving range alternate swinging the Momentus 4 to 5 times with hitting range balls using a standard club. This will make the most out of your practice time
    • Prior to playing swing the Momentus to loosen up and reinforce the feel for swinging the club correctly
  • New training DVD will help you get the most out of your Swing Trainer

    From The PGA Tour:
  • "I'm using the Momentus to build strength and fine tune my swing. It's really working well for me!" Larry Mize
  • "I like swinging the Momentus because it gives me a feel for swinging the golf club consistently on-plane." Billy Andrade

Available Models:

  • Driver
    • Momentus Driver is evenly weighted throughout the shaft, so it swings easily along a balanced path
    • Great for developing a smoother tempo and better rhythm
    • Available in right-hand only
    • Mens model is 40" in length and weighs 36 oz.
  • Signature Tour Iron
    • Heavier model of the Tour Iron
    • 35" in length and weighs 48 oz. (8 oz. heavier than standard)
  • Tour Iron
    • Used by over 100 players on the PGA Tour
    • Club is uniquely balanced and swings effortlessly
    • Available in right- and left-hand
    • 35" length and weighs 40 oz.

      Grip Options:
  • Standard
    • Rubber Tour Wrap design
  • Training Grip
    • Pre-formed rubber grip which places your hands in the correct grip each time you swing the club