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U.S. Kids Golf Clubs & Equipment

Since 1997, U.S. Kids Golf has helped kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and encouraged family interaction that builds lasting memories. At the core of this mission is a dedication to making it easy for parents to start and keep their kids playing golf.

The ULTRALIGHT Series is the perfect first set because the clubs are up to 30% lighter than adult clubs, which help create good habits starting with the first swing. The TOUR SERIES fills a gap that is sometimes overlooked the time when a skilled junior can continue to grow with the right equipment. Advanced junior players can enjoy the benefits of the TOUR SERIES, which combines technology with proper fitting, before finally graduating to adult clubs.

U.S. Kids Golf believes that perfect swings begin with a perfect fit. Clubs are offered in nine sizes and are based on height, not age, because the correct length, shaft flex and weight means faster club speed, more distance and more fun.
• Junior Golf Club Sets