Line-M-Up Pro Precision Ball Alignment Tool


Line-M-Up Pro Precision Golf Ball Alignment Tool

Sink more putts, hit more fairways and save strokes!

Line-M-Up Pro Precision Ball Alignment Tool features:

  • Precision golf ball alignment tool.
  • Improves aim, stroke and green reading abilities.
  • Snaps onto ball and self centers for straight and accurate marking.
  • Sharpie mini attached for convenience.
  • Multiple marking options.
  • Conforms to USGA rules and is legal to use in competition.
  • When a good stroke is made the markings on the ball appear straight with a pure roll.
  • FREE "4 Yards More" golf tee.
  • Made in USA.

#1 Ball Lining Tool In Golf!

This product is no longer available

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