Lamkin N-DUR 3GEN Golf Grips


Lamkin N-DUR 3GEN Golf Grips

Your Swing Is Only As Good As Your Grip!

Most golfers don't give their grips a second thought. But at Lamkin, they know that the key to a better game begins right at the fingertips. Grips are the only thing they make. And they're committed to the never-ending task of improving a golfer's comfort, performance, confidence and enjoyment of the game.

Lamkin N-DUR 3GEN Golf Grips features:

  • Hexagon pattern back panel promotes light tension and protects against slipping
  • Front comfort panel reduces fatigue and promotes ideal grip position for control and accuracy
  • Dual surface design provides the most advanced grip on the market
  • .580 core size

This product is no longer available

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