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It's A Breeze FAIRWAY FAN®
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It's A Breeze FAIRWAY FAN®

Color: Black
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It's A Breeze FAIRWAY FAN®

Are you tired of sweating in a golf cart while waiting your turn to swing? Buy a fairway fan and enjoy a little breeze on a hot, calm day.

It's A Breeze FAIRWAY FAN® feature:

  • Portable 6 inch, 12 volt powerful oscillating fan
  • Works on both electric and gasoline golf carts
  • Two clips hook on to the battery under the seat of the cart
  • The cord from the top of the fan to end of the clip is 12 feet
  • The fan is clipped to the cart, either to the dashboard, to the top of the windshield, to the back of the cart, virtually any sturdy spot on the cart (best spot recommended is on the back of the cart)
  • Easy installation
    • Clip it on to golf cart
    • Attach clips to battery
    • Turn fan on
  • Includes tote bag & setup instructions

Color: Black

Don't Sweat It...Buy A Fairway Fan!