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The ECCO Story

The ECCO Story

Golfers know ECCO as the brand that invented the spikeless golf shoe. After all, they made their first pair of golf shoes in 1994 and haven’t looked back. But this company has been around far longer than that and they have an incredible story to tell.

ECCO began in Denmark back in 1963. They were founded by Karl Toosbury on the philosophy of “control the process, control the quality.” By doing that, ECCO ensures every pair meets their standard of maximum comfort, fit, and performance. That’s important when your product is available in 93 markets worldwide, selling 200,000 pairs of shoes annually.

When they say the entire process is controlled in-house, it truly is. ECCO begins by doing research and development on their own leather. Then they tan the raw leather in one of their four tanneries across the world. This allows them to completely control the quality of the leather that goes into every pair of shoes.

This is where we’re introduced to one of ECCO’s signature technologies: Hydromax. During the tanning process, the leather is treated with Hydromax technology to make it highly water-resistant while remaining durable and breathable. It keeps the leather from hardening when it gets wet and dries to extend the life of the leather as well. Waterproofing is important to golfers and ECCO’s process allows them to do it better.

From there, every pair of shoes is manufactured in one of six family-owned factories, allowing ECCO to make their footwear under the strictest quality control guidelines. ECCO’s Thomas Dixon told us, “We make our own shoes and that’s it, from the leather-making on down. We make our shoes in-house and we completely own the process.”

Golfers who have tried ECCO shoes know all about how comfortable they are and how long they last. What makes ECCO’s shoes so durable? In the factories, they’re put together by an injection process, eliminating the use of cement or glue. The upper and the outsole unit are chemically bonded in a mold using polyurethane.

This process provides four main benefits:
1. A watertight seal between the midsole and upper
2. Incredible flexibility in a lightweight shoe
3. Integrated shock absorption
4. An anatomically-correct fit for ideal comfort right out of the box

ECCO prides itself on creating loyal customers. Golfers who try their shoes often come back time and again when they need a new pair. It is that quality, attention to detail, comfort, and fit that keeps them coming back. ECCO’s reputation is built on using premium materials, completely owning the shoe-making process in order to meet their demanding standards, and providing maximum comfort and performance. And with 39 styles available, TGW offers one of the largest selections of ECCO golf shoes online. Now is the perfect time to try a pair as a new season begins. Find out what sets ECCO apart with quality, comfort, and performance.

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

Known as the innovator of the spikeless golf shoe, ECCO is changing the game once again with the new Biom Hybrid 3. We’re here to break down all the features in the Biom 3 including the new Tri-Fi outsole, Gore-Tex construction, and Biom Natural Motion Technology.

We start with ECCO’s latest spikeless outsole. The new Tri-Fi grip outsole is the third spikeless technology ECCO offers. This unique design features three different zones to provide you the performance you need from the backswing to the follow through. The first zone is a stability zone. Located on the lateral side of the sole, it’s meant to keep your feet stable through the entire golf swing. The second zone makes up the middle of the sole and is the durability zone. It’s made for walking comfort and extends the life of the sole where it’s prone to wear out the quickest. Slim, rounded lugs make up the third zone, called the rotational zone. These lugs are designed to make rotation quick and easy to create your best swing.

This third generation is also the first Biom Hybrid to include ECCO’s GORE-TEX construction. GORE-TEX makes the shoe completely waterproof yet breathable, so outside moisture can’t get in and natural moisture on the inside can still escape. The Biom Hybrid 3 is made with yak leather uppers for strength, breathability, and soft feel. ECCO’s leather is treated with their Hydromax Technology to keep the uppers breathable and strong by preventing the leather from hardening when it gets wet and then dries. Add it all together and you have a 100% waterproof golf shoe with a three-year guarantee.

The real comfort in this shoe comes from the Biom Natural Motion Technology. Biom stands for biomechanical optimization. ECCO studies the biomechanics of how the foot naturally moves by scanning the feet of 2,500 athletes. By studying the natural curves of the foot, they’re able to produce a perfect glove-like fit. Biom shoes are built low to the ground for even better stability by allowing the foot to react naturally with the terrain. Keeping a golfer lower to the ground creates more power and stability to really enhance the golf swing from the base up.

Golfers have three big reasons to make the Biom Hybrid 3 their next golf shoes: the new spikeless grip outsole, 100% waterproof construction with GORE-TEX, and natural, comfortable fit and motion. ECCO is famous for their fit, feel, and performance. Golfers who try them often come back for another pair. With the new Biom Hybrid 3, there’s no better time than now to get yourself a pair of ECCO golf shoes.

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