Putting Stroke Teacher


Putting Stroke Teacher

Instant Feedback For Smoother Putting

The Putting Stroke Teacher is a simple tool that helps your putting in a big way. It attaches easily to any putter with an alignment rod across the top of your forearms. If the rod slides along your forearms while putting, you know you're using your wrists and hands too much in your putting stroke. It also acts to keep your putts on line and your stroke on path. Keep it in your bag for easy practice anywhere, any time!

Putting Stroke Teacher features:

  • Fits on the top of any putter with the rod across your forearms for instant feedback
  • Uses the rod across your forearms so you know you're wrists are active when the rod slides
  • Rod also provides a consistent aim line to keep your putts on line and your putting stroke on path
  • Promotes a smooth stroke using the big muscles in your arms and shoulders
  • Stores easily in your golf bag so you can practice anywhere

This product is no longer available

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