Chip-N-Pitch Shaft Extension Trainer


Chip-N-Pitch Shaft Extension Trainer

A Proven Training Tool For Your Short Game

The Chip-N-Pitch Shaft Extension training easily fits on any of your wedges or short irons to improve your chipping and pitching form. Attach the training and you've got an extension of your lead arm to give you instant feedback on your swing motion. If the extension hits your side, you know your swing has a breakdown such as too much wrist action or not enough body turn. Try it today and improve your short game.

Chip-N-Pitch Shaft Extension Trainer features:

  • Attaches to the end of any grip for immediate feedback during practice
  • Allows you to practice the correct form
  • Eliminates wrist action to focus on solid impact
  • Promotes proper form by providing feedback when it hits your body
  • When the extension hits your body, you know you're using too much wrist or not turning your body enough

This product is no longer available

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