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Buying golf shoes online can sound like a daunting task. Sure, you know your regular shoe size, but not every brand fits the same. And you don’t have the benefit of trying them on. That’s why we offer free exchange with shipping paid both ways to ensure you get the size you need once you order. We also tried on golf shoes from the top manufacturers such as FootJoy, NIKE, adidas, ECCO and Puma to help make deciding easier than ever. Our goal is to give you an idea of how each brand fits, how flexible they are, what kind of support they offer and how true to size they run. It’s also important to note that if a certain shoe does fit smaller or larger, we do offer free exchange to get you the size you need. Each shoe we tried on was a size 10.5 medium. Although each brand provided an accurate fit, we did our best to put each brand in order starting with the most true to size fit as our tester noted things like slips in the heel.


FootJoy Mens Pro SL Golf Shoes

FootJoy Mens Pro SL Golf Shoes: Our golf shoe tester tried on a couple of the newer offerings from FootJoy: the Pro SL spikeless golf shoe and then Freestyle spiked golf shoe. Right away, we noticed FootJoy’s consistent, true to size fit. From the heel, mid-foot and toe box, the size from FootJoy was exactly what a golfer would expect from their usual size. These golf shoes also offered flexibility for ease of motion and good arch support. Plus, we carry a massive variety of styles, sizes and widths from FootJoy so every golfer is sure to find something that suits them. You can be confident that you’ll get a true to size fit with natural motion and solid support in your golf shoes.


ECCO Mens Cage Pro Boa Golf Shoes

2017 ECCO Golf Shoes : The next golf shoes we tested out were from ECCO. It’s important to note that ECCO is a European shoe maker so they do not make their shoes in different widths. Instead, they’ve developed what they call Freedom Fit. It’s designed to offer more room in the toe box with a narrower fit in the heel and instep in order to fit more widths. This allows the toes to spread naturally to support your weight. First up was the Biom Hybrid 2 Goretex GTX golf shoes. Our tester noted these were very flexible with a great fit in every area of the shoe. The arch support was good as well. These shoes fit very true to size. Then we tried the Cage EVO golf shoes. Our tester felt like these shoes fit true to size but noticed they were quite roomy in all areas of the shoe from the heel through the mid-foot and into the toe box. This was another flexible golf shoe but our tester said he would have liked to have a little more arch support from this model.


adidas Mens adiPower Sport Boost 2 Golf Shoes

adidas adiPower Sport Boost 2 Golf Shoes: Up next, we tried on the adidas adipower Boost 2. Our tester stated that this shoe fit great in the mid-foot and toe box but slipped a little in the heel. These shoes also featured good arch support for golfers that need it. This pair was also fairly flexible as an athletic shoe, but not quite as flexible as some of the other models we tested. Overall these adidas shoes fit true to size so you can feel comfortable ordering your traditional shoe size, especially if you’re a routine wearer of adidas.


NIKE Mens Golf Shoes

NIKE Mens Golf Shoes: Next, our tester tried on two different golf shoes from NIKE with varying results. First up was the Explorer SL spikeless golf shoe. It was noted right away that this shoe fit tight in the heel, toe and mid-foot. As a spikeless golf shoe, it was very flexible for a great range of motion and provided good support in the arch. But the sizing was not comfortable for our tester, he said it felt a half size small and recommended sizing up when ordering a shoe like this. Then, we tried out the Air Rival 4 spiked golf shoe. This shoe was immediately different, our tester noted that it felt true to size, especially in the mid-foot and toe box, while being a little big with some slip in the heel. This shoe was somewhat flexible, less so than the spikeless option with a little less support in the arch. While the fit of NIKE golf shoes was inconsistent, if you’re a usual NIKE wearer you probably know your size.


Puma Mens Golf Shoes

Puma Mens Golf Shoes: Finally, for those looking for athletic style with their golf shoes, we tried on a couple options from Puma. The Titan Tour Ignite spiked golf shoe and the Ignite Sport spikeless golf shoe both fit our tester true to size. Both of these golf shoes were very flexible, giving you freedom to move with athletic motion and good grip. They also offered good arch support, although they were a little flatter than the FootJoy options. While both Puma shoes fit well, our tester noticed a little slip in the heel of the Sport spikeless shoe, noting it did fit a little larger there. Overall, Puma provides a true fit with your normal shoe size with athletic style and flexibility for golfers looking for something modern.

ECCO - Freedom Fit in 60 Seconds

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