Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia make the game look effortless and sleek – and not just with their club swings. After all, your look and outfit says a lot about what type of player you are. So how do you go about updating your wardrobe? If you’re a pro, you likely have an apparel sponsor who selects clothes for you. For the rest of us, finding the perfect outfit for comfort and performance can be more complicated. But TGW is here to make it easy! 

We put together the ideal outfit for everyday golfers, featuring adidas and their Ultimate technology for the right blend of performance and style. When you’re on the course, what you wear matters because it could potentially affect your game. When you swing a club, the power of it comes from major muscle groups in your shoulders, legs, hips, and chest, so you want to wear the clothes that allow greater movement in these areas. You also want apparel that’s optimal for the type of weather you’ll be playing in. Warmer conditions call for breathable fabric that dries quickly, while colder temperatures might have you reaching for a jacket.

Either way, you won’t want to be playing with the wrong type of clothing on. That’s what makes the adidas Ultimate line so successful – it’s the ideal combination of performance, comfort, and style that’s perfect to wear year-round, on and off course. In fact, the clothes are specifically designed and created to improve performance and meet the demands of athletes like Jon Rahm, Dustin Johnson, and Sergio Garcia. Here’s TGW’s selection of the ultimate adidas outfit you should be sporting in your next round.

adidas Ultimate 365 Polo

Image of adidas Ultimate 365 Polo “It looks like a premium standard polo, but it settles on your shoulders and I didn’t have to adjust my polo once during all 18. The stretch is amazing!” – DaveSchilling – TGW Customer

Why we love it: 1. Four-way stretch fabric enhances mobility, perfect for the golf swing 2. Moisture-wicking performance keeps you feeling comfortable 3. UPF 50+ protection from harmful sunlight

adidas Ultimate 365 Pants

Image of adidas Ultimate 365 Pants“Pants are very comfortable and lightweight. They stretch and give without restricting movement. Definitely a good purchase.” – Duck13 – TGW Customer

Why we love it: 1. Four-way stretch fabric and waistband keeps you mobile on the golf course with the perfect fit 2. Moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry and comfortable 3. Silicone grip inside waistband keeps your shirt tucked in

adidas Classic 3 Stripe 1/4 Zip Pullover

Image of adidas Men's Classic 3 Stripe 1/4 Zip Pullover
Why we love it: 1. Moisture-wicking fabric adds dry performance to your outer layer 2. Raglan sleeves ensure you have a full range of motion 3. UPF 50+ protection keeps harmful sunlight off your skin

adidas Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes

Image of adidas en's Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes
“These shoes are even better than the previous generation. These feel softer and more supportive on the side of your feet. Great for walking!” – ManVel311 – TGW Customer Why we love it: 1. Boost Foam provides incredible cushioning and keeps your feet comfortable all round long 2. Torsion Tunnel offers more flexibility and increases arch support 3. climaproof protection comes with a two-year waterproof warranty to guarantee comfort

adidas Climacool Tour Hat

Image of adidas climacool Tour Hat
Why we love it: 1. climacool Technology provides cool comfort in warm weather 2. Moisture-wicking fabric repels water for dry comfort 3. UPF 50+ sun protection that’s essential on the golf course

adidas Web Belt

Image of adidas Web Belt
Why we love it: 1. Web construction is soft and flexible for a comfortable fit 2. Adjustable clamp provides a custom fit 3. One-size-fits-most