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Men’s, Women’s & Kid’s Golf Gloves

Find men’s, women’s and kid’s golf gloves for all your golfing needs. Choose from top brands such as Callaway, FootJoy, Bionic, Titleist, NIKE and much more. Specific glove sizing info varries per maufacturer. Please see the "Specs" tab on each product page for specific sizing details for the brand selected. A golf glove fitting tip: If you typically have excess glove material above your fingertips, consider choosing "Cadet" sizing when available: the fingers are constructed a touch shorter for a snugger fit. For general golf glove sizing info, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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How To Choose A Golf Glove

It’s an often overlooked aspect of golf but wearing a golf glove that fits you properly is important. After all, your glove accounts for the majority of contact that you actually have with the golf club during your swing. Still, a majority of golfers wear a glove that’s the wrong size and more often than not the mistake being made is that they’re wearing a glove that’s too big.

A golf glove, which is worn on the left hand for a right-handed player and on the right hand for a left-handed player, should be extremely snug from a fit standpoint, with no excess material through the palm or fingers, and especially at the fingertips. Additionally, in terms of securing the glove, you should expect to still be able to see some velcro visible on the closure tab before hitting a shot. For those reasons, if you find that you sometimes fall between sizes depending on the brand of glove you prefer, err on the side of the smaller glove for better performance and control.

In terms of finding the right fit for your hand, it’s most important to understand the difference between the two most common golf glove styles: regular and cadet. Regular gloves will typically best fit players with longer, thinner fingers and palms of average width, while cadet gloves are designed for players with wider palms and shorter, thicker fingers. Most notably, if you’re someone who usually has excess material at the end of your fingers and you haven’t experimented with a cadet glove, that can often be a quick fix for a better fit and improved performance on the course.