Cobra Ladies FMAX Combo Irons


Cobra Ladies FMAX Combo Irons

Increased Speed, Higher Launch Equal Improved Results

Cobra’s new line of F-MAX golf clubs has been designed to give golfers with more modest swing speeds the ability to generate more clubhead speed and distance, which has been accomplished in part by utilizing lighter swingweights and lighter shafts. The F-MAX irons feature a deeper undercut head design, which flexes more at impact and enables a low, deep CG placement that produces naturally high launch conditions. Additionally, a thinner 17-4 stainless steel has been used in constructing the longer irons (4-7) to produce faster ball speeds, while a softer 431 stainless steel was used in constructing the short irons (8-SW) to enhance feel and control.

Cobra Ladies FMAX Combo Irons features:

  • Offset design enables higher launch and a draw bias
  • Back heel CG position enables high launch and more accurate shots
  • Nickel chrome plated finish offers elegant look and durability
  • Lighter swingweight helps players with average swing speeds create more distance
  • Weaker lofts help golfers maximize their carry distance
Cobra Ladies FMAX Combo Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
5H 26.5° 38.25" NA NA C2
6H 29.5° 37.75" NA NA C2
#7 31.5° 36.25" 62.5° 4.7mm C3
#8 35.5° 35.75" 63° 3.4mm C3
#9 40° 35.25" 63.5° 3.4mm C3
PW 45° 35" 64° 2.8mm C4
SW 55° 34.5" 64° 0.8mm C4

This product is no longer available

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