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Golfers have an incredible amount of options these days when it comes to golf apparel. TGW is the place to go for the latest and greatest in golf course style. By talking with the experts, analyzing feedback and trying out what’s new, we’re able to provide shoppers with a comprehensive review so every golfer can find something to match their style. We also aim to take the guess work out of your online shopping. By trying on apparel, measuring the pieces and collecting feedback, we’ve put together our Golf Apparel Fit Guide to make shopping easier than ever. Start building your new golf wardrobe with TGW's golf apparel reviews today.

TGW Outerwear

TGW is dedicated to providing golfers with everything they need to play their best. That means more than just equipment. After the success of our own golf bags and an incredibly popular rangefinder, we wanted to find where we could help golfers next. The answer was with apparel.

The main focus of the TGW line is outerwear. We set out to create comfort and protection from the elements at a great value. Knowing how dedicated golfers are, we know rain isn’t going to keep you off the course.

That’s why we started with the Vapor rain jacket and pants. A water-repellent shell keeps you dry in wet weather. The pullover features adjustable sleeve cuffs for a custom fit. A partial zip front is easy to customize while the collar stands up to maximize protection. Front pockets offer safe storage from moisture. The matching pants are made with a flexible waistband, made to pull over your regular golf pants or shorts. There’s pass-through access to your pockets so you’re never without the storage you need. Zippers on the lower leg let you adjust your fit as well for truly custom comfort.

The Vapor rain pullover and pants have been a hit with our customers. Reviewer Rinaldial2 told us, “I don't play as much as I did before kids so I needed a pair of pants that would do the trick but not break the bank. These pants are as good as any major brand and a fraction of the cost. The fit is as advertised and the quality is even better.”

Reviewer lerch loved the jacket, saying, “This rain jacket does just what I bought it for. Keeps the rain and wind from ruining your day on the course and gives you room to swing without feeling like you are in a bind.”

Another extremely popular piece is the Tour ¼ Zip pullover. This jacket is perfect for layering with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric designed to keep you comfortable during cooler weather. A zippered pocket on the left arm provides handy, secure storage as well. One reviewer found them so comfortable, they began collecting more colors, saying, “This is my 4th TGW pull over-all identical, but different colors. I found it to be comfortable while golfing, durable and attractive. I wash them after each wear and they hold up well.”

Another review found it perfect for cool weather, writing, “I bought this a week ago for the cool mornings down south. It was a great fit and loose enough to wear my golf shirt under it. Cool look with TGW logo on the back collar. Good fit at the arms.”

In addition to these customer favorites, there’s a great selection of pullovers, wind shirts, and vests to keep you feeling and playing great on the golf course. Golfers looking for great deals on high-performance outerwear should check out TGW’s own selection this season.

New LTS Tour rain jacket enhances the FootJoy rainwear lineup

FootJoy Tour LTS Rain Jacket

FootJoy Tour LTS Rain Jacket

FootJoy Mens DryJoys Tour LTS Rain Jacket

New for 2017 from FootJoy is the DryJoys Tour LTS rain jacket, which joins the company’s comprehensive and industry-leading rainwear category.

LTS stands for Lightweight Construction, Temperature Regulation, and Stretch Fabrication, and for FootJoy’s designers there were a number of goals to meet when it came to creating the new jacket. That list, however, started with the conditions in which it was meant to excel.

“We wanted a product that was geared more toward more the cooler spring, cooler fall days, maybe a trip across the pond to Scotland or Ireland where you needed a little more warmth in the jacket,” said FootJoy Director of Apparel Whitney Trimble. “This was geared toward those cooler, rainy days.”

Like all of FootJoy’s rainwear pieces, the Tour LTS jacket was designed with the golfer in mind, which included a unique approach in constructing the three-layer, bonded garment to maximize mobility.

“You have your outer shell and then you have your lamination, (which) is what makes the jacket waterproof, and we have a knit liner,” Trimble said. “All three of those are bonded together to reduce the bulk and allow free range of motion during the golf swing.”

What’s especially noteworthy about the construction, however, is the limited number of seams that the Tour LTS features, which is a significant factor in the vast amount of stretch the material provides.

“We wanted to create a jacket that had the least amount of panels,” Trimble explained. “So we got it down to five panels with six seams, so we really reduced the cut and sew and maximized the stretch of the fabric.”

Additionally, a final fabric treatment has also been utilized in creating the Tour LTS rain jacket.

“We treat it with a DWR treatment to the outer shell, which assists in the waterproof process. But (it) beads off rain, like a wax finish on a car,” said Trimble, adding that DWR stands for durable water repellency.

In terms of water column pressure, a measurement that’s taken to determine the waterproofness of a garment, the LTS Tour’s rating is 20,000 milimeters, which means that players can expect to stay dry in any conditions in which they could possibly play.

Additionally, the LTS jacket features a soft, thin Tricot lining, which provides exceptional handfeel and comfort. Additionally, adjustable, elastic cuffs have been utilized as an added comfort feature for players.

What sets the LTS Tour apart, however, is the technology that’s been utilized to regulate temperature, which is an ideal solution to meet the various needs that golfers will have as conditions change during any given round, something that’s inevitable on the cooler, rainy days that this jacket was designed to handle.

“We’re using Thermolite technology, and ThermolIte is a temperature regulating fabric that actually has a hollow core in the knit construction,” Trimble said. “The hollow core will trap your body heat in to keep you a little warmer when it’s cooler out, but it also has moisture-wicking functions so that when you start to warm up it wicks the moisture away from your body to help you cool down.”

DryJoys Tour LTS rain jackets are available in sizes ranging from medium to 2XL. Additionally, they are offered in five color patterns: black, charcoal, navy, red/black, and royal grey.

Dedication to the needs of golfers keeps FootJoy rainwear on top

FootJoy Apparel History

FootJoy Apparel History

If you compiled a list of golfers who have had a FootJoy rain jacket or rain shirt for as long as they can remember, that list would be quite long, which actually makes it hard to believe that FootJoy has only been in the outerwear/rainwear market for just over 20 years.

In that 20 years, however, FootJoy has become an industry leader when it comes to keeping avid golfers dry and comfortable on rainy days.

“We’ve been in the outerwear space since 1996,” said Whitney Trimble, FootJoy’s Director of Apparel. “At that point, we had a solid name that was associated with waterproof technologies, (that) being DryJoys in our footwear range. It was our president at the time who felt like it was a great opportunity to expand into the outerwear range using the DryJoys platform as basically the standard of waterproofness in golf.”

When it comes to FootJoy’s success over the course of the last two decades in the outerwear/rainwear space, the philosophy that drives its business on a daily basis has been the key to that success.

“Every product that we design and develop needs to be focused around the golf swing,” Trimble said. “Between the product team and the design team, we’re all golfers, and everything that we do needs to be focused around the motion of the golf swing (and) the conditions that you’d experience on a golf course."

“Our goal with rainwear is lightweight, stretchable fabrics, soft, quiet handfeel, and obviously maximum waterproof protection. We want to make everyday playable on the golf course.”

Also leading to FootJoy’s high level of success when it comes to rainwear has been its willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to providing waterproof protection.

To measure how waterproof a garment is, a water column pressure test is administered, which measures at what force water will begin to penetrate the fabric.

Based on the test results a rating is provided to offer a glimpse of just how waterproof a garment is, and ratings of 5,000 millimeters and higher are generally considered to be highly waterproof.

FootJoy’s rain jackets, however, start at 20,000 millimeters and only go higher from there, which ensures that golfers can stay dry in essentially any elements in which they they would even be able to play, including absolute downpours.

Additionally, what also has helped make FootJoy so popular in the rainwear space is the myriad of options that it offers golfers on a regular basis.

Here’s a closer look at the rain jackets currently available from FootJoy, with the caveat that a brand new jacket is set to join the lineup later this summer:

FootJoy Dryjoys Select Jackets

FootJoy Dryjoys Select Jackets

FootJoy Mens DryJoys Select Rain Jacket

DryJoys Select: The most advanced rainwear jacket that FootJoy currently offers is DryJoys Select.

“DryJoys Select, what we did here was we really wanted to have the most waterproof, the most lightweight, breathable product that we could design for golf,” Trimble said. “We worked with a Japanese mill and developed a really, really lightweight fabric. This is the most waterproof, lightest weight rain garment we’ve ever produced. Our goal when we set out to make this product was just the best of the best.”

Highlighting the design of the DryJoys Select jacket is 25,000 millimeters of water column pressure, as well as a three-layer bonded fabric that also helps to keep water out.

Additionally, the lightweight design features an impressive 25,000 millimeters of breathability to ensure comfort in all conditions.

“You don’t overheat in this garment,” Trimble said. “It’s really lightweight (and) has great stretch.”

Also unique about DryJoys Select is its collar design, which only reinforces the fact that FootJoy understands the nuances of what golfers need to perform their best in the rain.

"We’ve patented our collar construction. This is our stay-dry collar, which is higher in the back and then tapers down underneath your neck,” Trimble explained. “So when you’re putting, the back of the neck is nice and high so water is not running down your hat into your neck, and then it’s nice and comfortable under your chin.”

Elastic, adjustable cuffs incorporated into the design also allow players to create exactly what they’re looking for in terms of sleeve comfort, as well as additional protection from water.

DryJoys Select rain jackets, which feature a woven construction, are available in three colors: black, red/gray, and silver/blue. They are also offered in a wide range of sizes, ranging from small to 3XL.

FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Wear

FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Wear

FootJoy Mens HydroLite Rain Jackets

HydroLite: While DryJoys Select would rank as FootJoy’s most advanced rain jacket, its best selling rainwear is the HydroLite line, which features long sleeve rain jackets, long sleeve rain shirts, and the highly popular short sleeve rain shirts.

“This is a great everyday waterproof piece,” said Trimble of HydroLite. “It can be worn in cooler conditions as part of our layering system. If it’s warm out it can be worn just (over) a golf shirt. It has tremendous different types of uses in weather conditions.”

HydroLite, as one would expect from FootJoy, also scores high marks in terms of waterproofness, as it boasts a water column pressure rating of 20,000 millimeters.

It also features a slightly different construction than DryJoys Select, although like Select every HydroLite shirt and jacket is woven.

“Where Select is three layers, (HydroLite) is two and a half layers because we wanted to make it as light as possible,” Trimble said. “And in all of our rainwear, we use waterproof zippers throughout, so really nice, tight waterproof seal in the zipper construction also.”

Additionally, like the DryJoys Select jacket, HydroLite also features elastic, adjustable cuffs.

HydroLite rain jackets, which feature a full zipper front, are available in black, black/white, charcoal/blue, grey/red, and navy/grey. Of note, the black version features removable sleeves.

In terms of the HydroLite long sleeve rain shirts, they are offered in navy/charcoal and white/royal. The short sleeve rain shirts, meanwhile, are available in black, charcoal/blue, charcoal/white, navy/white, and royal/white.

As far as sizing goes, the long sleeve HydroLite options are available in sizes ranging from small to 3XL, while the short sleeve rain shirts are offered from small to 2XL.

Apparel brand continues to enjoy rapid growth for FootJoy

FootJoy is so much more than the No. 1 shoe in golf. The Massachusetts-based company also offers an impressive variety of golf shirts, shorts, and pants.

Most notably, all of this golf apparel is designed with the athlete in mind, as every feature and design is tailored specifically for golf performance.

On a recent visit to FootJoy headquarters, TGW visited with Whitney Trimble, FootJoy’s Director of Apparel, and he provided us with a breakdown of all of his company’s golf apparel offerings.

Let’s dive in and go through the entire line:

FootJoy Space Dye and Pique Golf Shirts

FootJoy Space Dye and Pique Golf Shirts

FootJoy Shirt Fit Guide

Check out all the FootJoy Golf Shirts at TGW.

ProDry Performance Golf Shirts: All of FootJoy’s performance polos begin with their signature ProDry fabrication.

ProDry begins with moisture-wicking technology but offers much more as well. It also moves sweat and moisture away from the skin and dries fast to keep you cool and comfortable on the course.

UV protection also blocks harmful rays from reaching your skin. Nobody wants to get a sunburn on the golf course and a UPF rated polo from FootJoy adds another level of protection. Finally, ProDry fabric is antimicrobial to block odors and keep you feeling fresh.

There are a couple core fabrics that FootJoy uses in its line of golf shirts. First is the space dye fabric. This is a jersey fabric that has 12 percent spandex for a softer, smoother hand feel.

“We found than when you add spandex into a polyester it makes it nice and soft, so it’s great for the golf swing,” Trimble said.

The other core fabric is pique, which is an ideal option for golfers when the weather really heats up. Pique is more of an open knit fabric with a mesh-like feel that offers incredible breathability.

And not only does it breath well, but it dries incredibly fast also. The pique fabric only features four percent spandex, and the use of less spandex helps the fabric dry faster.

“We wanted it to really dry quick and be nice and breathable,” said Trimble.

The fabric in these golf shirts is also easy-care. They won’t shrink in the wash and they won’t wrinkle. These polos hold their color and last longer for a durable, stylish look.

If you’re considering FootJoy polos for the first time, it’s important to note that there are two fits in the ProDry Performance line. First is the traditional fit. This is the regular golf cut you’re used to and the gentleman’s fit that’s tailored toward most golfers.

There’s also the athletic fit, which is designed for golfers who like a more tailored look. Athletic fit polos are shorter in the sleeves and feature a smaller arm opening. They also feature a smaller measurement across the chest.

FootJoy Men's Shorts

FootJoy Men's Shorts

Performance Golf Shorts: FootJoy also offers a line of Performance golf shorts. There are three main options within the FootJoy golf shorts family: Washed, Performance, and Lightweight Performance, and all three are designed for a traditional golf fit and full range of motion.

These shorts all feature moisture wicking to keep you dry and comfortable. They’re also easy care so they never need ironing. Perhaps most importantly for golfers, FootJoy makes its shorts with deep pockets so golf balls, tees, and accessories don’t fall out while you’re riding in a golf cart.

The Washed golf shorts offer a unique style by tumble drying the fabric, creating a faded look. They utilize a 10-inch inseam and a traditional golf fit, so they look great with any polo, on or off the golf course.

The Performance shorts are FootJoy’s most popular golf shorts. They have a traditional 10-inch inseam and also feature a stretch fabric for greater range of motion. You can also get them in either flat front or pleated to fit your style.

The Lightweight Performance shorts are new for 2017. FootJoy has reduced the weight of their fabric for lightweight, breathable performance and comfort. They also have a sportier look with a 9-inch inseam, and there’s a gripper waistband to help keep your shirt tucked in.

FootJoy Men's Pants

FootJoy Men's Pants

Performance Golf Pants: Finally, FootJoy offers two styles in its Performance golf pants, and between both offerings there’s something for every golfer.

The Performance golf pants are a more traditional trouser. They feature a traditional fit just like the golf shorts with a classic flat front design. The lightweight, stretch fabric is extremely comfortable and maintains a full range of motion, while the details inside include a gripper waistband that helps keep your shirt tucked in.

FootJoy’s easy-care fabric is also at work here. Simply wash and wear these golf pants; there’s no need to iron them, as they won’t shrink and won’t wrinkle. The Performance golf pants are made with a polyester-spandex blend and look great worn on or off the golf course.

The other option is a jean style pant. This golf pant features five jean-style pockets for extra storage.

It’s also an athletic fit pant with a little higher rise and slightly slimmer legs for a more tailored look. The fabric is still stretchy for that ideal range of motion with a spandex blend and easy-care fabric.

“It’s really a great product for golf, it’s where our apparel players on Tour have been really gravitating toward this style,” Trimble said.

ADIDAS ultimate family

adidas Ultimate 365 Pants and Shorts at the 2017 PGA Show

Golf shorts and pants loaded with performance to play and look your best

adidas apparel

The team at adidas Golf knows what goes into athletic performance. Their dedication to expanding what’s possible for athletes everywhere has been changing the game on the golf course recently. One of the biggest innovations has been the introduction of the Ultimate 365 family of golf shorts and golf pants. Loaded with technology, this collection is designed to keep you comfortable and performing your best. After talking with Kevin Osborn of adidas at the 2017 PGA Show and trying them on ourselves, we want to give you a full rundown and review of the adidas Ultimate 365 family of products.

adidas’ Osborn told us “We saw an opportunity to innovate in the world of golf bottoms. That was a goal of ours, to really attack that opportunity, so we are really proud to be number one.”

The first important feature of the Ultimate 365 golf apparel is the stretch fabric. Right away we noticed these shorts and pants fit very true to size. The stretch fabric gives you confidence to wear the size you’ve always worn without worrying about a different cut that feels different to you. Stretch performance is also essential to the performance of the apparel. This construction truly moves with you. Whether you’re swinging a club, picking your ball up out of the hill, climbing out of a bunker or traversing a hilly lie, you can move with confidence. The piece of mind you get from knowing your pants won’t bind up on you is invaluable. It’s a great feeling of freedom to have when you’re on the golf course. “The technology and the products that we bring forth are really designed to work with everybody, we want this to fit like a good golf pant,” said Osborn.

Next, the Ultimate 365 series is treated with a water resistant finish. Whether it’s warmer or cooler, you can golf in these shorts or pants no matter what the forecast says. The finish beads up moisture and wicks away for fast-drying comfort in any condition. It keeps you clear of sweat, spills or light moisture to make sure you’re comfortable. This finish makes the Ultimate 365 pants easy to care for and adds durability without having to worry about the effects of moisture. We even poured water on a pair of shorts we tried on and it rolled right off. No matter the conditions, every golfer could use that level of protection.

These pants and shorts are designed to keep you comfortable right down to the details. The pockets on Ultimate 365 items are made with a micromesh material that enhances breathability. When we wore these shorts on the golf course, this construction really does make a difference. Adding that little bit of extra airflow helps control temperature and even moisture to make sure you stay comfortable.

Finishing off the innovation in the Ultimate 365 collection is a unique detail inside the waistband. The adidas wordmark is printed with a silicone gripper tape that keeps your shirt tucked in. This feature helps maintain a clean, classic look throughout the round, swing after swing.That means one less thing you have to worry about and eliminating distractions on the golf course.

This gear is proven at the top level of competition. You’ll see the Ultimate 365 golf pants worn on the course during PGA Events. But you don’t need to be a pro to get this kind of comfort and performance. After wearing these golf shorts and pants ourselves, we recommend trying them out this season. Just one round and you’ll be a believer in technology and performance adidas Ultimate 365 provides. “We believe that this is a type of product that people are going to buy one and it’ll change the game for them,” Osborn said.

adidas climacool and climachill polos

adidas ClimaCool and ClimaChill Polos

Keep your cool with two great adidas comfort technologies.

adidas Mens climacool 3-Stripes Polo Featured Apparel Pieces: climachill Tonal Stripe
Polo & climacool 3-Stripes Polo

A golf shirt isn’t just a golf shirt any more. It’s another valuable piece of your performance. When it comes to the golf course, adidas doesn’t just want you to look cool; they want you to feel cool. That’s why they have multiple technologies to help every golfer achieve greater comfort while playing in the warmer months of the year. Picture yourself shopping for a new adidas golf polo. You see different tags calling out Climachill and Climacool technology. How do you choose? TGW wants to make that choice easy so we talked with Kevin Osborn, Global Product Manager at adidas, at the 2017 PGA Show to detail the differences in the two technologies to help you make the best choice.

First, let’s look at Climachill. Climachill is the most technical product that adidas offers. These golf polos are designed to be super breathable with 360° ventilation. “It acts like a full mesh shirt but it doesn’t feel or look like it,” said Osborn.

adidas designed Climachill to be breathable everywhere. The entire shirt breathes with this construction to allow cool air to come in and let warm air flow out. This ventilation also allows the shirt to dry quickly as you sweat so your shirt doesn’t stick to you when the weather heats up. They’ve also engineered the Climachill golf shirts with stretch across the back and shoulders so you’re never held down. Osborn told us “because Climachill is super lightweight, we do have to design it so that it has a little bit more give.”

Next, Climacool changes up how it cools you down by targeting specific areas on the body. Instead of being breathable throughout the entire shirt, cooling mesh inserts are pieced into the fabric where you need it the most such as under the arms and across the back. This provides a specific, focused approach to keeping you comfortable exactly where you need it. “Climacool allows us to really focus on those key zones where you need to dump heat,” explained Osborn.

Osborn also clued us in on another benefit of Climacool. The zonal ventilation allows adidas to use a variety of fabrics and designs. “I think that’s the great thing about Climacool is we can really place the ventilation where you need it so we can do a little bit more with some different fabric weights.”

No matter which technology you choose, you’ll get a consistent fit that’s made to perform. According to Osborn, “We strive for a consistent fit across all of our polos.”

As your golf season moves into the warmer months, decide which cooling technology is right for you. If you’re looking for all-over breathability with lightweight comfort and stretch performance, Climachill is the technology for you. If you prefer the feel and weight of a more traditional golf shirt but still want the benefits of zonal ventilation, then give Climacool a shot. As Osborn told us, “When you’re playing in warm conditions, pick your armor there and figure out where you want to be most successful.”

adidas Women's Ultimate Apparel

adidas Ultimate Womens Line at the 2017 PGA Show

Ultimate comfort and technology is now available for women.

adidas Ultimate Women's Apparel

Last year, adidas set a new standard for comfort and performance with the Ultimate 365 golf shorts and pants. This year, they’re bringing that standard to more golfers with the introduction of the Ultimate golf apparel for women. We visited with Sarah Marai, adidas Women’s Product Marketing Manager, at the 2017 PGA Show to help introduce this exciting new collection and bring you the inside scoop on bringing this apparel to the golf course. Marai told us right away “Ultimate has a lot of great, technical benefits so we brought that into the women’s line.”

adidas understands the athletic needs of golfers and put those first to create a more comfortable experience. “We looked at what the golfer wants and made it feminine. It’s built for a woman and an athlete,” said Marai.

The Ultimate women’s apparel is made to move with you. These pieces are loaded with great stretch to allow for a full range of athletic motion. Enhanced stretch keeps you comfortable while walking the course and taking any type of swing. There’s also a stretchy, pull-on waistband to eliminate closures for a distraction-free fit. Marai stressed how important this level of comfort is when making this apparel, saying “We really feel like comfort is a technology now these days.”

There’s also an added bit of comfort in the Ultimate golf skort. The undershorts are made with Climachill material. Climachill is the top cooling technology from adidas, providing 360° ventilation to let cool in and heat out. The fabric remains cool to the touch so it feels great against the skin when you’re playing in warm weather.

In addition to the maximum range of motion, the Ultimate collection of golf apparel is also known for it’s water resistant protection. The finish is applied to the fabric to bead up moisture and fall away from the surface, leaving you dry and comfortable. Moisture wicking, fast drying protection keeps you feeling great when it’s warm and you don’t want sweat and moisture next to your skin. It also protects against spills and splashes.

Finally, this apparel is perfect for sun protection. It comes with UPF 50 to help block out harmful rays. You get a total package of comfort with stretch-woven mobility, water resistance and UV protection to keep you feeling and playing your best.

Available as a skort, ankle pant or bermuda short, the technology in the adidas Ultimate women’s golf apparel is proven on tour. It’s the same technology used in the men’s Ultimate 365 collection that’s completely changing the idea of comfort and technology in golf apparel. Marai summed it up for us by saying “Everything we do is for the golfer and it’s built with the golfer in mind. We are a technology brand, we’re a sports brand.”

Greg Norman

Greg Norman Pro-Series Polos at the 2017 PGA Show

Greg Norman Pro-Series Polos at the 2017 PGA Show

Greg Norman Classic ProFit and ML75 Pants at the 2017 PGA Show

Comfort designed in two different styles for traditional and modern looks

Greg Norman Classic ProFit and ML75 Shorts at the 2017 PGA Show

Greg Norman Classic ProFit and ML75 Shorts at the 2017 PGA Show

Greg Norman apparel Featured Apparel Pieces: Protek ML75 Microlux Stripe Polo,
Protek ML75 Microlux Flat Front Pants &
Protek ML75 Microlux Flat Front Shorts

Established in 1992, Greg Norman golf apparel takes inspiration from one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, the man known as The Shark. Nobody appreciates that “for golfers, by golfers” approach than TGW and our loyal customers. We had a chance to talk with Danny Gee, a design executive at Greg Norman, during our trip to Orlando for the 2017 PGA Show. During our visit, Danny outlined some of the key styles Greg Norman will be producing for the golf course this year.

With many golfers preparing for warmer weather and getting their 2017 season underway, we first learned about Greg Norman’s golf shorts offerings. There are two key styles here: Pro-Fit and ML75. The Pro-Fit design is the classic golf short. These shorts are made with a microfiber fabric that wicks away moisture for dry comfort as well as providing a fuller cut made with traditional heavier material. “It’s a little bit fuller fit, a gentleman’s cut,” said Gee.

With the Classic Pro-Fit golf shorts, you also get stretch mobility for a full range of motion and easy care fabric. The Pro-Fit is designed to fit golfers of all body types with top notch performance. Meanwhile, the ML75 micro lux golf shorts are all about modern. “It’s a little bit more modern, we have a snap at the center front, a button tab on the left pocket and right pocket open for the scorecard,” Gee told us.

The ML75 is still moisture wicking with Greg Norman’s PlayDry technology. This design sweeps moisture away from the skin to the surface so it evaporates quickly to keep you dry, cool and comfortable. ML75 also features lighter weight fabric as well as four way stretch for the ultimate in mobility. “It’s a little bit slimmer cut with four way stretch,” Gee said.

The Greg Norman golf pants are similar to the offerings we saw from the shorts. There’s the Classic ProFit and ML75 options with the same technical designs. Gee provided an interesting insight into the ProFIt pant, saying “You could wear this to play golf, and we always say you can wear this out to dinner as well. It looks like a classic men’s trouser, a little bit fuller cut.”

The ML75 technical fabric provides a different look according to Gee. “A little bit slimmer fit, cut slimmer than the ProFit pant. In the back, we do it a little bit different, we have an open scorecard pocket on the back right then we put a snap on the left pocket for security.”

To complete your look on the golf course this year, there are the Greg Norman Pro-Series polos. These golf shirts are made with a lightweight fabric in a full cut for a generous fit and open hem sleeves that don’t bind. There’s also an aerated texture to improve breathability, keeping you dry and cool on the course. “This has a really smooth feel to it so you have a lightweight fabric with breathability and a good, smooth hand-feel,” said Gee. With Protek fabric, you also get natural moisture-wicking performance as well as UV protection for a more cool, comfortable golf shirt. The question every golfer asks is how does it fit? Gee filled us on that as well: “We are a golf brand so this is made for golf. We make it long enough so it doesn’t come out while you’re playing, not super oversized but easy enough for an easy fit for everybody.”

Greg Norman offers options in golf apparel with golf performance in mind. With two distinct lines of golf shorts and golf pants, everyone can find their preferred style. Whether you prefer a full fit and classic construction with the ProFit design or the modern, lightweight fabric and slightly slimmer cut of the ML75 design, there’s something for every golfer. With their shirts, you get a generous fit that gives you plenty of room to tuck your polo in, keep it tucked in and have a complete range of motion as you swing. All their apparel keeps you feeling comfortable with moisture-wicking fabric and UV protection so you feel and play your best. Adding some Greg Norman golf apparel to your on-course wardrobe is a great way to start off the new season.


Oakley Mens Golf Polos at the 2017 PGA Show

High performance and technology with modern styles you see on Tour

Oakley apparel Featured Apparel Pieces: Cryptic Polo, Daredevil Polo
& Headliner Polo

When you think of Oakley on the golf course, the first thing you think of is their high performance sunglasses. They don’t just pack all that technology into their sunglasses though. Oakley is producing high quality, stylish golf apparel with greater performance that pros like Bubba Watson and Zach Johnson sport on the golf course. We talked with Jimmy Leasure from Oakley while we were at the 2017 PGA Show in Orlando to see the technology that’s going into these golf shirts. As Leasure told us, “A ton of technology goes into our sunglasses, a lot of research and development, it’s kind of a culture and a theme around Oakley so we want to make sure that translates to our apparel as well.”

One of the biggest demands golfers have in their apparel today is moisture management. With the time of year that most rounds of golf are played, comfort in the heat is important. Oakley uses O Hydrolix, which they call the ultimate moisture management system. As golfers sweat, they don’t want to feel their shirt sticking to them while they’re trying to swing. O Hydrolix wicks that moisture away from the skin and moves it to the surface so it evaporates quickly. The end result is dry performance and cooler feeling fabric so you can stay focused on your game. Shedding that moisture off is essential to lightweight, cool comfort. “Great breathability and moisture management so if you’re sweating, it’s moisture management and every piece has that great technology going into it,” said Leasure.

The highlight polo we saw at the PGA Show was the Velocity polo. As a top of the line piece from Oakley, it includes mesh inserts in the back for breathability and cool airflow. “It’s really focused on the course so it’s lightweight, feel good, with increased range of motion,” Leasure said.

This technology is important in Oakley’s golf shirts. They’re designed to have some stretch and allow you to move free so you don’t get bunched up while you’re swinging a golf club. That also means you never have to worry about fit. Oakley polos fit true to size with that extra stretch to keep you moving freely so you can confidently order the size you prefer and not lose out on comfort.

If you’re looking to add performance to your golf apparel, try Oakley golf shirts for 2017. These polos are loaded with technology designed to keep you comfortable and playing your best golf this season.