Frogger Swing Hero Swing Trainer


Frogger Swing Hero Golf Swing Trainer

Hit Longer & More Accurate Shots with Swing Hero!

The majority of golfers grip their clubs too tight, holding back good swings. But now, Froggers new Swing Hero instantly shows you just how light your grip needs to be — to have you hitting longer, more accurate shots. In very little time, Swing Hero delivers satisfying results - allowing you to exaggerate the lightest of grips. And in turn, it will free up your swing and have your clubs doing the work for you. Less grip? Less effort? = More Distance? More Accuracy? YEP! Without a doubt, the Swing Hero will be one of the smallest weapons in your arsenal. But the difference in your game will be HUGE.

Frogger Swing Hero Swing Trainer features:

  • Feel a proper release and smoother, more powerful swing instantly
  • Increases range of motion, body rotation, and club head feel for longer more accurate shots
  • Sets up in seconds and simply slips over standard golf club grips -fits snug on woods and irons
  • Simply turn Swing Hero left or right to adjust for a stronger or weaker hand position that fits your preference
  • Ergonomic comfort grip supports proper angle of address
  • Helps prevent hooking and slicing
  • FREE Instructional Putting DVD by PGA Pro Kris Moe
  • FREE carry bag easily fits in side-pouches of golf bags

This product is no longer available

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