Flat Cat Solution Putter Grips


Flat Cat Solution Putter Grips

A Putter Grip That Can Cure The Yips

Flat Cat putter grips are made with a revolutionary design that puts the feeling of the club face in the palm of your hand. The unique design of the Flat Cat Solution putter grip offers golfers an answer for the dreaded yips. The new weighted grip technology features a stainless steel cone directly below your hands for an even smoother putting stroke. Your putter feels heavier and more stable without sacrificing feel. If you're struggling on the greens, put the weight of stable performance in your hands with the Flat Ct Solution putter grip.

Flat Cat Solution Putter Grips feature:

  • New weighted grip technology with a patented stainless steel weighted cone directly below the hands for a solution to the yips
  • FLAT1 Design puts the hands square to the putter face for TRU-alignment to the target line
  • Unique design places the face of the putter directly in the palm of your hand for highly responsive performance
  • Creates a smoother, consistent, pendulum-like putting stroke
  • Allows the putter to feel heavier and more stable without losing feel
  • Features Flat Cat's Easy-Glide cone for easy removal from your golf bag
  • 0.580 core size
  • Widths
    • Svelte = 0.92"
    • Standard = 1.02"
    • Fat = 1.14"
    • Big Boy = 1.26"

This product is no longer available

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