ECCO Zarma Golf Spikes


ECCO Zarma Golf Spikes

ECCO Zarma... Soft & Comfortable Spikes!

If a golf ball is scuffed during play, a golfer will replace it with a new one. Many golfers change the grips on their golf clubs after a few rounds. Golf gloves are replaced almost as frequently as a player changes their socks. All of these items are replaced when the golfer feels that changing them will improve their game. Why not the spikes? Would you drive your car on bald tires? A golfers footing is the foundation for the all important swing. If there is doubt in the footing, or worse, slippage, the swing will be altered and affect the flight of the ball.

ECCO Zarma Golf Spikes feature:

  • Soft advanced polymer with patented Lotus Technology.
  • Softens the impact of walking by reducing spike pressure to create a more comfortable experience.
  • Three-material design with innovative soft cushion layer.
  • Spikes provide much greater traction than that offered by sneakers or shoes.
  • This added traction protects you from slipping during wet conditions or on hilly terrain.
  • The feet, if not anchored securely can slip during the golf swing, producing undesirable results.
  • Fits Q-LOK System (18 count).

Zarma Brings A New Energy To Your Game. You Feelin' It?

This product is no longer available

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