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Does ECCO’s Cage Pro golf shoe deliver on promise of more comfort and stability?

ECCO Cage Pro Golf Shoe

ECCO Cage Pro Golf Shoe

Spider Technology in the ECCO Cage Pro Golf Shoes

ECCO Spider Grip with TGW

ECCO Mens Cage Pro Golf Shoes

In 2016, ECCO introduced Cage technology to help players enjoy more stability during the golf swing, and it proved to be a highly popular feature.

“The Cage is a polyurethane material that wraps from the heel to the midfoot all the way to the toe,” said ECCO key account manager Eric Meyer when asked to explain how Cage technology works. “The benefit is that the polyurethane locks your heel in to give you stability while you’re walking and swinging. But because polyurethane is so flexible it’s going to move with you while you’re walking and swinging for comfort as well.”

As successful as the original Cage lineup proved to be in creating enhanced stability for players on the course, ECCO believed there was even more that could be done, which has led to the release of the new Cage Pro.

While Cage technology remains in place with the Cage Pro line, a new, aggressive outsole has been incorporated into the design to create even more grip and stability, as well as added comfort.

The outsole, which is being referred to by ECCO as SPYDR-GRIP, is “where the real magic happens, and this is ECCO taking hybrids to a new level of performance,” said Meyer.

Most notably, the spikeless outsole adds better stability in all conditions and its spikes have been strategically positioned to align with the natural anatomical movements of the foot during the golf swing, which ECCO believes contributes to a more comfortable shoe.

The outsole has also been constructed from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a material that is more durable and five times stronger than rubber or EVA, which is what’s used in the design of many golf shoes.

In an effort to find out more about Cage Pro, TGW put together a test group for the new shoe, and we were especially interested in finding out what our consumers thought about the unique SPYDR-GRIP outsole.

“I love the stability provided by the design of the SPYDR-GRIP outsole,” said Randy Lair, a 12-handicapper. “In wet or dry conditions, I always feel stable and comfortable with a full swing.”

Added Mike Ball, “The shoes feel great, and they really give you great ground contact and great support during the swing.”

In looking at the unique style of the Cage Pro outsole, it might lead one to wonder, however, if the aggressive, spikeless design could damage putting greens.

According to our testers, however, that’s not a concern.

“The Cage Pro shoes left little or no marks on the greens, but at the same time even though they’re spikeless they are surprisingly stable,” said Brad Burnside, a +2 handicap who splits time between riding and walking when he plays.

Lair echoed those comments, adding, “As far as any impact to the turf on our greens, I see no incremental damage or wear with this new outsole. When the greens are wet or damp, I can see what appears to be cleat marks, but they always fade.”

Of course, where ECCO has earned consistently high marks as a shoe company is when it comes to comfort.

For our testers, Cage Pro earned high marks for both comfort and support, especially after they got a couple of rounds under their belts.

“For me, there was a break-in period,” Burnside said. “At first, I felt like they ran big but after walking a few rounds they began to fit better. It was almost like they molded to my feet, and they seem to get more comfortable with every round.”

Added Ball, who plays to a handicap of 4, “Once I removed the insoles to help get the fit right, which is a great feature that these shoes offer, the break-in time was minimal. And they are really comfortable.”

ECCO Cage Pro Boa Golf Shoe and the ECCO Cage Golf Shoes

ECCO Cage Pro Boa Golf Shoe and the ECCO Cage Golf Shoes

ECCO Mens Cage Boa Golf Shoes

When it comes to fit, one of the Cage Pro models is available with a Boa closure system, which gives players even more options in terms of getting the perfect fit.

“The Boa style made it easy to fit the shoe to my foot so that they were comfortable right away while still providing the stability you need in a golf shoe,” Lair said. “I’ve purchased ECCO golf shoes before, and I find that they are very predictable and true to size each time. It’s one of the few brands of shoes of any kind I am not afraid to order online because they always fit well.”

Also of note, Cage Pro was created by designers to meet the performance needs of the most serious golfers, and players who fall into that category don’t always play when conditions are perfect.

ECCO has garnered significant praise for its proprietary Hydromax leather treatment as a way of waterproofing shoes, and Cage Pro, which features a soft Dritton leather upper, comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee.

And the feedback from TGW consumers was that keeping their feet dry when the golf course was wet was no issue at all with Cage Pro.

“My feet and socks have remained dry under some very wet conditions, which we have experienced this spring,” Lair said. “I believe that Hydromax technology is as good or better than any other waterproofing applications for golf shoes.”

Said Ball, “We’ve had a lot of rain so far this year but every time I’ve worn the Cage Pro shoes my feet stayed dry and the water protection appears to be very good.”

At the end of the day, of course, what we were most interested in hearing from our testers was whether or not this is a shoe they would purchase for themselves or recommend to friends and playing companions. And in that regard, Cage Pro once again scored high marks.

“The stability and just the all-around comfort really stand out, and those are the two top things I look for in a golf shoe,” Burnside said. “I would definitely recommend Cage Pro. It’s a great all-around shoe. Very stable, waterproof, and comfortable enough to walk at least 18 holes.”

Added Lair: “I would highly recommend the Cage Pro to anyone looking for a stylish golf shoe that is extremely comfortable to wear and very stable in wet or dry conditions. What more can I say. I love these shoes and would buy them in a heartbeat."

“Also, I really like the Boa lacing system for its convenience and comfort fit. It’s like stepping in and out of house shoes using this system. Great shoe and great design.”

TGW customers put ECCO’s Cool 18 GTX golf shoes to the test

ECCO Cool GTX Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

ECCO Cool GTX Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

ECCO Cool GTX Golf Shoe with ECCO

ECCO Cool GTX Golf Shoe with ECCO

ECCO Mens Cool 18 GTX Golf Shoes

New for 2017 from ECCO is the Cool 18 GTX golf shoe, which has been designed to deliver golfers all of the comfort that ECCO is known for, as well as an amazing technology story.

The Cool 18 GTX features a sleek red, white, and blue color pattern and has the look of an athletic shoe. It was created to offer all of the comfort and support that an athletic shoe would with the added stability needed to accommodate the golf swing.

Where this shoe differentiates itself, however, is in terms of what ECCO is calling GORE-TEX SURROUND, as the Cool 18 GTX is not only waterproof but also essentially provides golfers with a climate control system.

The shoe’s construction has been designed to keep moisture out, and ECCO offers an industry-leading three-year waterproof guarantee with Cool 18 GTX. But a vented mid-sole also allows moisture to escape during play to ensure that a golfer’s feet stay both cool and dry in all conditions.

That’s important because what many players might not realize is that one third of their sweat glands are on the bottom of their feet and that during a round of golf each foot might create as much as the equivalent of a bottle of water in terms of moisture.

Additionally, ECCO designed the spiked sole of the Cool 18 GTX to provide increased grip and stability during the swing, and its soft Dritton leather upper only adds to the shoe’s overall comfort.

Of course, while GORE-TEX SURROUND sounds great in theory, whether or not the technology works is what’s most important. And does the technology perform as designed while still providing the comfort, support, and stability that golfers need to play their best?

That being the case, TGW wanted to put Cool 18 GTX to the test, and we did so by providing a pair of the new ECCO shoes to a couple of our customers, Micah and Matt.

For background, Micah, a physician in the Wichita, Kansas area, and Matt, an attorney in Wichita, were chosen as testers for this particular shoe because they are serious players who will tee it up in any conditions. Both are low single-digit handicappers in their early 30s and they often walk when they play.

Additionally, they’ve been known to partner up when the opportunity presents itself to compete in local and state four-ball events.

After several weeks of wearing Cool 18 GTX golf shoes in a variety of conditions, we reached out to both Micah and Matt with some questions.

Their answers can be found below and might help you make a decision about whether or not this is a golf shoe that you would trust for your game:

TGW: Did you find that your ECCO Cool 18 GTX shoes fit as you expected or did they run large or small to size?

MICAH: The shoes seemed to fit as expected, not too large or small. They are also plenty wide, as I do have somewhat wide feet.

MATT: The only drawback that I found with these shoes is the sizing. The 11 to 11 1/2 size (European 45) seems to fit a bit large, even for an 11 1/2. That is even the case when I have the removeable insert in the shoe.

TGW: Did you find that there was a break-in period of any sort with Cool 18 GTX or did it deliver right out of the box in terms of comfort?

MICAH: There was no significant break-in period, super comfortable the first time I wore them. As comfortable as most tennis shoes I have worn. They are also flexible right out of the gate.

MATT: I didn’t have any issues with the shoes out of the box. They were comfortable from the first time I wore them.

TGW: How would you rate Cool 18 GTX in terms of its overall comfort level and the support it provides?

MICAH: Excellent overall comfort and support. It has a little higher back ankle support than what is typical for other golf shoes, but I liked that.

MATT: These shoes are very comfortable. From a golf performance standpoint, they perform as I would expect. They provide great stability and traction.

TGW: With Cool 18 GTX being a highly breathable GORE-TEX shoe, did you have any trouble with keeping your feet dry when course conditions were wet or in warmer weather?

MICAH: Not at all. I wore them twice in wet conditions and my feet stayed dry both rounds. My feet also did not seem to get as sweaty when it was hot out as they do with some other golf shoes.

MATT: I played a couple of days when the conditions were pretty wet. My feet stayed completely dry. Additionally, I played on one relatively warm day and the shoes breathed very well.

TGW: Having had the chance to wear Cool 18 GTX for a while now, what stands out to you most about this golf shoe?

MICAH: The overall comfort and style. They have a sporty look but yet they’re classy enough to wear with long pants. The only minor downside to the shoe in my opinion is the back arch support. Because it is so flexible, the shoe will sometime try to slip off the back heel, particularly when walking fast or uphill.

MATT: Overall, these are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn. I have worn them multiple times to walk 18 holes and my feet have felt great from the beginning of the round until the end. With my other golf shoes, I usually have some foot and ankle soreness after about 14 holes but not with the these. I have also worn them on back to back days of walking 18 holes without any discomfort or soreness. With other golf shoes, I will rotate a different pair each day.

TGW: Would you recommend the ECCO Cool 18 GTX to friends or playing companions based on your experience, and if yes, why, and if no, why not?

MICAH: I would definitely recommend this shoe to friends because of the overall comfort and style. I have no major complaints about this shoe. It’s as comfortable as any other golf shoe I have had, and it performed well under all conditions.

MATT: I would certainly recommend these to any golfer, especially those that like to walk. To reiterate, great shoe. Very comfortable and playable.

Editor’s Note: While the purpose of this review was to focus on the Cool 18 GTX golf shoes, ECCO also offers the Cool GTX , which features identical technology in three different styles.

TGW customers put ECCO’s Cool 18 GTX golf shoes to the test

ECCO Mens Cage Pro Golf Shoes

ECCO Cago Pro Golf Shoes:ECCO golf shoes made their name with spikeless golf shoes. For years, they’ve been providing golfers with comfortable, great fitting shoes that deliver incredible versatility thanks to the spikeless outsole. Now spikeless golf shoes are a common sight on any golf course. ECCO never stopped looking toward the future of spikeless technology and now they’re changing the game again.

The new ECCO Cago Pro golf shoes introduce a brand new spikeless outsole: Spydr Grip. “We wanted to continue our innovation with design and performance technology and this is really that next generation of spikeless performance,” said Eric Meyer, ECCO Key Account Manager. “This is ECCO taking hybrids to a new level of performance.”

The first thing you notice when looking at this new outsole is the pivot points all over the bottom of these shoes. These “spikes” are strategically placed to give you the ideal grip when swinging a golf club by using anatomical information to match the way the foot moves. The spacing between these points is also a little bit bigger to work with the web design to prevent clogging which also improves traction. According to Thomas Dixon, Product Manager of Golf & Sport at ECCO, “The Spydr-Grip outsole follows the natural pivot points on your foot, which allows for a more natural movement when swinging. The design of each individual grip point improves on the surface contact with the ground, creating outstanding traction.”

The Spydr Grip outsole is also made out of thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, for amazingly durable performance. With the aggressive design of the nubs, ECCO designed these shoes for greater, long-lasting traction. “Most of our competitors are using EVA and rubber, so this is very, very durable. This will last five times longer than rubber,” said Meyer.

The innovation doesn’t just end on the bottom of the shoe. Another ECCO feature is the cage feature on the heel. This is an integrated TPU shank on the back of the shoe that matches the shape of the foot. The combination of material and anatomically correct fit provides greater stability and support through the golf swing. Dixon says, “The PU heel Cage adds enough support for a golfer as they pivot and shift their weight during the golf swing. A common issue is for people to roll over too much and lose their stability (power). The Cage adjusts for that and gives the player more leverage to finish their swing. PU is a material that does have some give to it so the Cage is not uncomfortably stiff. It also always comes back to its original shape, so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing over time.”

ECCO is also producing a version of the Cage Pro with a Boa closure system. This allows you to make microscopic adjustments to the fit of your shoes and lock that fit in. Unlike laces, the Boa system does not come loose over time so you never need to adjust your fit during a round of golf. “The consumer has responded that this is something that they want,” Meyer told us.

The staples of ECCO comfort are all here in the Cage Pro as well. Hydromax-treated leather uppers create waterproof protection through the entire shoe, guaranteed for up to a year. There’s also ECCO’s one-width-fits-all design of Freedom Fit. ECCO designs their shoes with a roomier toe box and narrower heel. This allows the toes to spread naturally to support your weight and provide a more stable base. And nothing is more important to the golf swing than stability.

ECCO Cage EVO Golf Shoes

ECCO Men's Cage EVO Golf Shoes

ECCO Cage EVO Golf Shoes: ECCO’s golf shoe brand is still growing in the United States, but one thing’s for sure; this is a company that has an incredibly loyal customer base. That loyalty has been built on a number of factors but leading the way is the impressive comfort level that always seems to accompany ECCO golf shoes. The company’s latest offering, ECCO Cage, once again is racking up high marks for comfort while also earning praise for its innovation, construction, and performance.

To learn more about this new product, TGW sat down with Thomas Dixon, ECCO’s North American Product Manager for Golf Shoes, to find out more about why our customers should consider Cage when purchasing their next golf shoe.

TGW: The signature feature of the ECCO Cage golf shoe is the stability structure on the back. Can you tell us how the design for this came about?

THOMAS DIXON, ECCO’s North American Product Manager for Golf Shoes: The heel cage at the back of the shoe is quite a technical innovation. We found that a lot of golfers lose stability and momentum in their swing because they have too much torque in their feet. The Cage corrects this using a direct injected polyurethane heel cage. Being able to create this cage using the injection process was quite the task for our designers and developers. Polyurethane is designed to keep its original shape and is flexible enough to move with your foot. You get something that isn’t uncomfortable and extremely stiff but a structure that is long-lasting, comfortable, and benefits the golfer.

TGW: What benefits do golfers see from the Cage feature in these golf shoes?

DIXON: The Cage was designed with two purposes: comfort and stability. The uppers are created from Caldera leather, which is a hard-wearing yet very soft and flexible leather. The outsole, featuring Champ Slim-Lok spikes, was designed to mock the muscles and ligaments in your foot. When walking a golf course, players receive a ton of comfort, with no break-in period needed. The polyurethane, direct-injected midsole gives players that stability they need to make each shot in a range of conditions and lies.

TGW: The leather ECCO Cage golf shoes include your signature Hydromax treatment. How is this different than other water protection?

DIXON: Hydromax is quite a unique process in that it is a chemical applied to the leather during tanning. It’s designed to never wear off or fade away, compared to a coating applied to a material that can dissipate over time.

TGW: If a golfer has never tried an ECCO shoe before, why should he or she change that with the Cage?

DIXON: Comfort. The number one reason we make all our shoes is to create a comfortable experience for golfers. This shoe happens to have a lot of technical features that go along with it as well. Our shoemaking history and expertise always allow us to combine these two aspects. Comfort is never compromised for technical features.

TGW: As a European shoemaker, what does ECCO do to ensure the best possible fit with sizing differences that exist?

DIXON: Compared to North American sizing, European sizing is full sizes and traditionally there aren’t half sizes offered. ECCOs fit differently in that we are snug in the heel and instep and roomy in the forefoot. This allows most people to fit comfortably into a pair of ECCOs, even if they are in between sizes. Many of our shoes, including the Cage, have a removable inlay sole, which offers the option of extra width. This gives players the ability to now adjust the width of their shoes and create that half size that they may feel comfortable needing.

ECCOs Philosophy on Shoes and How the Company Works

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ECCO - Freedom Fit in 60 Seconds

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