Cobra Men's King TEC Irons


Cobra Men's King TEC Irons

Technology Enhanced Performance

With the King Forged Tec, Cobra just might have created a new class of irons. There are companies that offer game-improvement irons with some features of a players club, while other companies have players irons that can claim certain game-improvement attributes. While Cobra would say that the Forged Tec falls slightly on the game-improvement side, further examination reveals that it is seemingly an equal mix of both categories. Like a game-improvement iron, the Forged Tec, thanks to a low CG placement, generates fast ball speeds and high launch conditions, especially in the longer irons. But it’s also a forged club that delivers tremendous feel, and it has a classic cavity back look that will appeal to better players. Also of note, the Forged Tec uses J15 steel inserts in the clubface to create a face that’s thinner, hotter, and more forgiving, while tungsten weighting helps lower the CG to improve launch angles, as does a progressive offset design. A mid-weight steel and a lightweight graphite shaft are both available as a stock option for the Forged Tec irons, but other choices are also available at no upcharge.


Set Composition 4 Iron through Gap Wedge
Available Separately 3 Iron
Grip Lamkin UTX
Shaft KBS C-Taper Lite Steel • UST Recoil Graphite
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Ideal For:

Golfers of all ability levels. No matter how you play or what your needs are, the King Forged Tec irons have attributes that will appeal to you and help improve your iron play. Need more distance? Check. Need to launch the ball higher? Check. Want more forgiveness? Check. Value a classic look and the soft feel of a forged iron? Check. In short, this is an iron that will end up in the bags of, and work equally well for, players who have virtually nothing in common from a profile standpoint.

Cobra King TEC Golf Irons

TGW visits Cobra to discuss the Cobra King TEC Golf Irons.

Multi-Material Construction

Tungsten inserts are forged into the heel and toe of the Forged Tec irons to improve forgiveness across the clubface and help position the CG directly in the line with the center of the face.

J15 Face Inserts

Constructed from lightweight steel, J15 inserts are thinner and more flexible, which means faster balls speeds. They’re also lighter, allowing weight to be repositioned lower in the head for higher launch angles.

1025 Carbon Steel Body

The Forged Tec irons use soft 1025 steel and are forged five times for amazing feel and precision.

What They're Saying...

“The King Forged TEC is a really exciting iron for us, something we brought to the lineup that’s a premium forging. We use a very thin face called J15 steel, which is thinner than traditional high-strength steel, so we can get thinner faces which means faster ball speeds. We have tungsten weighting, so the tungsten keeps the CG very low, as well as spreads it apart so that we have great forgiveness and that low CG playability that everyone needs in their irons.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

“It is a little bit more game-improvement than it is a player’s blade, and we would say the handicap goes from maybe five to twenty for this golf club. It’s not a Tour club per se, but there are a few guys messing around with the long irons on Tour.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

What Players Like You Are Saying..

“Really easy to hit, I think, good kind of classic lines on it. It’s got a little bit of offset, which fits my eye pretty well. I was hitting it pretty consistent -- very easy to get up in the air. It was carrying a long way and just kind of staying in the air. Mis-hits still stayed in the air. Overall, the forgiveness was pretty good. Distance, I was hitting this probably 10-15 yards further than my current set of irons.”

TGW customer Dave, 1 handicap, live testing at Cobra, 3/10/16

Cobra King TEC Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#3 19° 39.25" 60.5° 4.0mm D2
#4 21°


61° 3.8mm D2
#5 23° 38.25" 61.5° 3.6mm D2
#6 26° 37.75" 62° 3.3mm D2
#7 30° 37.25" 62.5° 3.0mm D2
#8 35° 36.75" 63° 2.6mm D2
#9 40° 36.25" 63.5° 2.3mm D2
PW 45° 36" 64° 2.0mm D3
GW 50° 35.75" 64° 1.8mm D3

This product is no longer available

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