Cobra Men's King LTD Pro Driver


Cobra Men's King LTD Pro Driver

The Ultimate Distance Machine

The King LTD Pro driver is a product that Cobra engineers view as a game-changer. Why? They believe that no other driver on the market today offers a CG as low as the LTD Pro while still maintaining amazing levels of forgiveness. From a technological standpoint, the LTD Pro has most of the same features as the LTD, most notably the center of gravity is at the neutral axis, which creates higher launch, lower spin, and fast ball speeds. The Low CG was enabled by a Carbon Fiber crown that at 11 grams is the lightest in golf, according to Cobra. The weight saved in constructing the crown allowed a 16-gram Spaceport to be placed in the sole to bring the CG down and MOI up. Additionally, a thin, flexible clubface creates faster ball speeds from impact points across the face, which provides exceptional distance even on mis-hits. While the LTD offers lofts ranging from 9-12 degrees and three draw settings, the LTD Pro provides lofts from 7-10 degrees and has three settings that create a fade bias, which makes it a popular choice for players with higher swing speeds. The stock shaft in the LTD Pro, like the LTD, is the Aldila Rogue Black.


Adjustability 7° - 10° in .5° increments
Grip Lamkin UTX 360, 52g
Length 45"
Headcover Yes
Head size 460cc

Ideal For:

Stronger players with higher swing speeds. The lower lofts and fade settings will make the LTD Pro a little bit tougher to launch and/or turn over if you’re not generating a lot of speed through the hitting area. The Pro won’t be less forgiving, but from a playability standpoint, someone who has an average swing speed or struggles at times to square the clubface would be better served to play the LTD and leave the Pro version to the big hitters.

TGW Customer Feedback on the Cobra King LTD Pro Driver

Watch the exclusive TGW Customer Feedback on the Cobra King LTD Pro Driver.

TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Crown

TeXtreme material is 20 percent lighter than regular carbon fiber, which allows weight from the LTD’s crown to be moved to create a lower, deeper CG that generates high launch, low spin, and greater MOI.


A 16-gram weight positioned in the sole and made possible by a lighter crown, the Spaceport enables the LTD’s zero CG.

Speed Channel

The Speed Channel is a trench that surrounds and supports the clubface, which enables a thinner face that increases ball speed from all impact points.

What They're Saying...

“A very exciting product, it’s something that we believe offers performance that’s never been achieved in golf, which is a very low CG, we call it a zero CG, and a very high inertia, which is above 4,600 MOI points. There’s been other drivers that have claimed zero but usually their inertias are much smaller. It’s distance and forgiveness built into the package.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

“We know that when golfers have a club that’s not forgiving, they quickly, in many cases, will not be happy with that golf club -- in some cases return it, in some cases try different shafts -- but really it’s the head performance that’s suffering.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

Cobra King LTD Pro Shaft Selection Information
Aldila Rogue Black 60
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 66g 4.0° Mid-High
Stiff 68g 3.6° Mid-High
Extra Stiff 70g 3.3° Mid-High
Shot Shaping Tips
/ High Torque = Draw Bias
/ Low Torque = Fade Bias
/ Players with faster swing speeds generally benefit from shafts with lower torque
/ Players with slower swing speeds can benefit from lighter-weight shafts

This product is no longer available

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