Cobra Mens King LTD Fairway


Cobra Mens King LTD Fairway

The Ultimate Distance Fairway

Cobra’s LTD fairway woods feature much of the same technology that can be found in the LTD drivers, and that is significant when it comes to the center of gravity. According to Cobra, the LTD has no equal in golf as a fairway wood that can claim a zero CG, which produces high launch, low spin, and incredible forgiveness. Accomplishing that feat was made possible by a lightweight Carbon Fiber crown, and the weight saved in constructing the crown allowed for a 16-gram Spaceport to be positioned in the sole to bring the CG down while raising MOI. Additionally, a thinner clubface creates faster ball speeds for exceptional distance, even on mis-hits. The LTD fairway woods come in two models, a 3-4 model that can be adjusted for lofts between 13 and 16 degrees and a 4-5 model that can be adjusted for lofts from 16 to 19 degrees. Additionally, both models have three settings that will promote a draw bias. The stock shaft in the King LTD fairway woods, like the drivers, is the Aldila Rogue Black, albeit in a heavier model. Other premium shafts, however, are available at no upcharge as well.


Lofts 3-4W/13°-16° • 4-5W/16°-19°
Grip Lamkin UTX 360, 52g
Lengths 3-4W/43" • 4-5W/42.5"
Headcover Yes
Adjustability Adjustable in .5° increments
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Ideal For:

Golfers of all ability levels. The King LTD offers performance benefits that any golfer would want from a fairway wood. This is a club that’s easy to hit from the fairway or a tee, it launches the ball high with very little spin, it’s forgiving, and it produces incredible distance. That’s a winning combination, which is why you’ll see this club in the bags of Tour players, as well as mid- and high-handicappers.

TGW Customer Feedback on the Cobra King LTD Fairway Woods

Watch the exclusive TGW Customer Feedback on the Cobra King LTD Fairway Woods.

TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Crown

TeXtreme material is 20 percent lighter than regular carbon fiber, which allows weight from the crown to be repositioned to create a lower, deeper CG that generates high launch, low spin, and greater MOI.


A 16-gram weight positioned in the sole and made possible by a lighter crown, the Spaceport enables the LTD’s zero CG.

Speed Channel

The Speed Channel is a trench that surrounds and supports the clubface, which enables a thinner face that increases ball speed from all impact points.

What They're Saying...

“It’s the best fairway wood I’ve ever seen in golf. It gives great performance. This is the one fairway wood in the market that we’ve measured of all the products available that has a zero CG in a fairway wood, so that’s exciting. It’s really critical on fairway woods to have a low CG to get the ball off the ground and optimize your distance.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

“The challenge on fairway woods is really more of an easy-up phenomenon. The easy-up is critical. Most people’s struggles with fairway woods are getting them in the air. This club is very easy from a zero CG standpoint.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“The King LTD fairway wood went a long way -- really easy to hit, low spin rate, a lot like what we saw with their driver line. I think the look is great; the shape is kind of a classic shape. First impression, I was amazed by how far it flew in the air. Even my mis-hits flew a long way. Overall, I’m really impressed with how consistent it was.”

TGW customer Dave, 1 handicap, live testing at Cobra, 3/10/16

“Honestly, this is the cherry on the cake. With this LTD technology, I mean, I was hitting the 3-wood 260 (yards), which is borderline what I used to hit my driver, off the deck. It’s a very forgiving head. The results are pretty awesome I have to say.”

TGW customer Baber, 10 handicap, live testing at Cobra, 3/10/16

Cobra King LTD Fairway Shaft Selection Information
Aldila Rogue Black 70
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 71g 3.7° Mid
Stiff 74g 3.3° Mid
Extra Stiff 75g 3.0° Mid
Shot Shaping Tips
/ High Torque = Draw Bias
/ Low Torque = Fade Bias
/ Players with faster swing speeds generally benefit from shafts with lower torque
/ Players with slower swing speeds can benefit from lighter-weight shafts

This product is no longer available

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