Cobra Mens King F6 Hybrid


Cobra Mens King F6 Hybrid

Easy Launch With Hybrid Forgiveness

The King F6 hybrids, like other members of the Cobra F6 family, deliver from a performance standpoint high launch, low spin, extreme distance, and amazing forgiveness The distance that the F6 hybrids generate is the result of a thin, hot clubface that produces fast ball speeds from across the face. The F6’s high launch and MOI, meanwhile, are made possible by a low CG that is created by positioning a 13-gram fixed weight low and deep in the clubhead. The F6 hybrids also offer three degrees of loft adjustability, allowing players the ability to hit them exact distances on approach shots. Three models, the 2-3 (16-19 degrees of loft) the 3-4 (19-22 degrees of loft), and the 4-5 (22-25 degrees of loft), are available in the F6 hybrids, and the stock shaft is the mid-launch, mid-spin Matrix Red Tie. Other shaft options are available as well, however, at no upcharge for players who need a different fit.


Lofts 2-3H/16°-19° • 3-4H/19°-22° • 4-5H/22°-25°
Grip Lamkin REL 360
Lengths 2-3H/41.25" • 3-4H/40.5" • 4-5H/39.75"
Headcover Yes
Adjustability Adjustable in .5° increments
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Ideal For:

Golfers of all ability levels who are looking for alternatives to their long irons. With performance benefits that include high launch, low spin, max forgiveness, and incredible distance, the F6 hybrids are simply going to fit the majority of golfers better than a long iron ever would. And while that list of playability attributes might sound like it’s best suited for a high-handicap player, the F6 hybrids, because of their versatility and customization options, will appeal to good players every bit as much as higher-handicappers.

Rear CG Weighting

A 13-gram weight is positioned low and deep in the clubhead to create a low CG for max forgiveness and higher launch.

Speed Channel

The Speed Channel is a trench that surrounds and supports the clubface, which enables a thinner face that increases ball speed from all impact points.

MyFly Loft Technology

Cobra’s adjustable loft sleeve, MyFly loft technology allows loft to be adjusted by three degrees in the F6 hybrids and creates eight different playability settings, three of which produce a draw bias.

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“Really easy to hit, had a good flight, really low spin again throughout the whole line. It was probably going, at the same loft, 30 yards further (than my current hybrid), about as far as far as I hit my 3-wood right now. It launched right up in the air and kind of stayed there.”

TGW customer Dave, 1 handicap, live testing at Cobra, 3/10/16

“These heads are incredibly forgiving, very consistent. I hit a couple that just went up and came down like parachutes. I’m definitely putting this in my bag and giving it a shot.”

TGW customer Baber, 10 handicap, live testing at Cobra, 3/10/16

Cobra King F6 Hybrid Shaft Selection Information
Matrix Red Tie HQ4
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Senior 73g Mid Mid
Regular 75g Mid Mid
Stiff 77g Mid Mid
Shot Shaping Tips
/ High Torque = Draw Bias
/ Low Torque = Fade Bias
/ Players with faster swing speeds generally benefit from shafts with lower torque
/ Players with slower swing speeds can benefit from lighter-weight shafts

This product is no longer available

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