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Cobra’s newest irons deliver innovation, comprehensive options

For Cobra, 2016 proved to be a big year, and it’s expecting 2017 to be even better.

Part of Cobra’s optimism revolves around several new irons that it has on the market, as well as a unique approach to iron design that has been inspired by one of golf’s rising young stars, Bryson DeChambeau.

Now in his rookie season on the PGA Tour, DeChambeau piled up a stellar amateur record over the course of the last several years, and he became known not only for his exploits on the course but also for the fact that he played all of his irons at the same length.

Having signed DeChambeau to an endorsement contract when he turning professional, Cobra decided to bring the one-length iron concept to the public and is now offering two sets of irons, the KING F7 and KING Forged, in both progressive and one-length sets.

Not surprisingly, there has been plenty of intrigue about the new Cobra one-length iron sets, which only makes sense. After all, in theory, being able to use the same set-up, swing, and ball position for every iron shot you play would seem to make the game easier.

All of the irons in Cobra’s one-length sets are the same length as a standard 7-iron, which of course might leave some wondering how they’ll get proper gapping as it relates to their yardages with a 4-iron and 9-iron that are the same length.

It’s a problem that Cobra has remedied by using clubheads of different weights in the long irons (heavier) and short irons (lighter), as well as changing CG locations. The end result has been that in testing players are finding little or no difference in terms of the distance they see between a progressive and one-length set.

All that said, even if the one-length concept don’t sound appealing to you, Cobra still has both game-improvement and players irons that can compete with anything else on the market.

Here’s a closer look at Cobra’s latest irons:

King Forged Tour One Length Irons

TGW Customer Review on the King Forged Tour One Length Irons

TGW Customer Review on the King Forged Tour One Length Irons

Cobra Mens King Forged Tour One Length Irons

KING Forged: As mentioned earlier, there are progressive and one-length options available in the new KING Forged irons, but beyond the aforementioned differences in weighting and CG placement in the heads they are identical in terms of the technology that drives their performance.

Most notably, tungsten inserts have been utilized in the heel and toe, which creates a lower, centered CG position that delivers more consistent results and enhanced forgiveness.

Additionally, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) inserts have been incorporated into the design to reduce vibration at impact for optimal feel and sound, and CNC milled grooves generate maximum spin and give players the ability to work the ball and control trajectory more easily.

Of note, the KING Forged is without doubt a players iron and in addition to its forged construction features minimal offset, a compact blade size, and a thin topline. It was designed primarily for lower-handicap golfers but there’s enough forgiveness built into the design that a mid-handicapper could play this iron as well.

KING Forged One Length and King Forged Tour irons come standard (4-GW) with KBS Tour FLT steel shafts and Cobra Lamkin Ace Crossline grips, in black for the progressive set and blue for the one-length set.

King F7 One Length Irons

TGW Customer Review on the Cobra F7 One Length Irons

TGW Customer Review on the Cobra F7 One Length Irons

Cobra Mens King F7 One Length Irons

King F7 One Length Irons: As is the case with the new KING Forged irons, there are progressive and one-length sets available in the new F7 irons as well.

Unlike the KING Forged, however, the F7 is more of a game-improvement offering, as these are irons that deliver exceptional distance and are extremely forgiving. That along with fairly compact blade shapes might be enough to entice some better players into gaming F7 irons but more typically this is an iron that was built for mid- and high-handicappers.

Fueling the performance of the F7 irons, especially the distance they generate, is their PWRSHELL Face, which is thinner and stronger and utilizes an L-Cup design to generate faster ball speeds from impact points across the face.

Also incorporated into the design is Cobra’s proprietary TECFLO construction, as each club is built to deliver optimal performance.

More specifically, the long irons are hollow and have a low CG placement to deliver high launch, the mid irons are half-hollow, which makes them easier to hit while still providing control, the short irons have a cavity back design that creates more spin for enhanced workability, and the specialty wedges have more of a blade design to provide more versatility and control.

Additionally, progressive spin technology is utilized through the set, as the 4-6 irons have V-grooves for reduced spin and more distance while the 7-PW have U-grooves for more spin, which produces better workability and flight control.

The CG on the F7 irons also has been lowered and centered to increase MOI, while the CNC Milled Grooves create optimal spin and trajectory.

KING F7 and F7 One Length irons offer as stock shaft options the True Temper King F7 steel and Fujikura Pro 63i graphite, and the stock grip is a Lampkin REL, which as is the case in the KING Forged irons comes in black for the progressive set and blue for the one-length set.

King Oversize Irons

Cobra Mens King Oversize Irons

King Oversize Irons: If the new KING F7 would best be categorized as a game-improvement iron, its stablemate, the new KING Oversize, would best qualify as a super game-improvement offering.

Of course, despite an absence of a few years, Cobra’s Oversize franchise has been extremely popular with mid- and high-handicappers through the years, and the new model is likely to enjoy similar success given its performance attributes.

Players who opt for the new KING Oversize can expect extremely high launch, explosive distance, and an expanded footprint that enhances forgiveness and inspires confidence at address.

Enabling the high launch conditions are tungsten inserts in the toe and a low, centered CG position that was created by the hollow construction design that was utilized throughout the set.

Additionally, the PWRSHELL Face delivers faster ball speeds and a larger sweet spot for improved performance on mis-hits, and weight also has been pushed toward the perimeter of the clubhead to increase MOI.

Also of note, like the F7 irons, the KING Oversize irons utilize Progressive Spin Technology, which encourages distance in the longer irons (4-6) and control in the shorter irons (7-PW).

KING Oversize irons (4-GW) have two stock shaft options: UST Recoil 460 graphite shafts or True Temper XP 85 steel shafts. The stock grip, meanwhile, is the Lampkin Ace Crossline.

Cobra KING Utility: Is a utility iron the right choice for your bag?

Cobra Mens King Utility Irons at the 2017 PGA Show

Cobra Mens King Utility Irons at the 2017 PGA Show

Cobra Mens King Utility Irons

As golfers finalize the clubs in their bag, oftentimes the last of the 14 available slots will come down to picking a club that will fill a yardage gap somewhere between a 3-wood and maybe a 3- or 4-iron.

There are a number of different routes that players can go to fill that final slot, and the ultimate decision often comes down to trajectory preference and ability level.

One option is to add a more lofted fairway wood, maybe a 5- or 7-wood, while another is to go for a hybrid of some sort, which has become an increasingly popular choice for many golfers in recent years. You’ll also see some of the very best ball-strikers opt for a 2-iron, but that’s probably not going to be the right decision for most.

There is another option, however, and that’s the utility iron, which also has become an increasingly popular alternative in recent years, especially among lower-handicap players.

And when it comes to utility irons, Cobra’s KING Utility is one of the best on the market.

“It’s a great club. A lot of good players like the look of an iron but the playability of a hybrid, so this is a great combination,” said Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development.“Both Bryson (DeChambeau) and Rickie (Fowler) play it, and a lot of good players out there are looking for a utility club that gets the ball up in the air a little bit.”

There are a number of technological innovations that fuel the performance of the KING Utility iron, but headlining the list is the use of 67 grams of tungsten weighting that has been positioned low on the toe of the clubhead. That enables not only a lower CG but also a centered CG, which helps produce naturally high launch conditions from any lie condition and exceptional stability at impact.

Also of note, the hollow design of the KING Utility contributes to exceptional sound and feel at impact, while its PWRSHELL Face is thin and strong, which creates faster ball speeds from all impact points for more distance and enhanced forgiveness.

Additionally, a milled 455 stainless steel face insert has been implemented in the design to deliver consistency in terms of spin and trajectory.

The KING Utility iron also features another interesting technological feature, one that separates it from the competition.

“One of the things that’s unique about this (utility club) is it actually has our MyFly loft system,” Olsavsky said. “No other utility like this is in the market with adjustable loft, and it’s critical when you have that last iron in your bag and want a gap between your woods.”


Cobra King Pro Irons

Cobra King Pro Irons

Cobra Men's King Pro Irons

Cobra King Pro Irons: While Cobra’s other 2016 irons, the F6 and Forged Tec, have some crossover between a game-improvement iron and a players club, that is not the case with the King Pro, which is a players club all the way. And that means you can expect incredibly soft feel, a high level of workability, a thin topline, almost no offset, and a sleek, compact clubhead. This is an iron that was built to provide Tour quality feel and control, and it was most certainly designed with the better player in mind. That said, the King Pro irons also feature some unique customization options as well. A stock set, or what Cobra refers to as a “Flow” set, features cavity backs in the 3-6 irons and musclebacks in the 7-PW. Players, however, can custom order all cavity backs or musclebacks throughout the set, the latter of which Rickie Fowler plays on Tour. Additionally, the King Pro offers a classic chrome finish, as well as a distinctive diamondized black finish that has been designed not to wear, a rarity for a black finish. From a design standpoint, thanks to feedback from touring professionals, the CG in the Pro irons is positioned in the center of the clubface to improve workability and control as opposed to being placed more toward the heel as was commonly the case in players clubs in years past. Finally, the Pro irons feature as a stock shaft the KBS C-Taper 120, a Tour favorite, but other shaft options are available at no upcharge as well.

Cobra King F6 Irons

Cobra King F6 Irons

Cobra Men's King F6 Irons

Cobra King F6 Irons: The King F6 is what Cobra would classify as its true game-improvement iron, meaning from a performance standpoint players can expect higher launch angles, more distance, and maximum forgiveness. What’s most unique about the F6 is the progressive TECFLO construction utilized throughout the set. The 3-5 irons are hollow and the 6-7 irons are half-hollow, design features that improve playability, as the hollow and half-hollow construction enable thinner clubfaces for more speed and a lower CG to improve launch conditions. The 8-PW, meanwhile, are traditional cavity backs, and the gap and sand wedges have more of a blade design. Better feel, control, and workability will be the performance benefits of those constructions in the scoring clubs. The F6 irons also feature a Speed Channel that promotes faster ball speeds from impact points across the face, as well as a progressive groove pattern that imparts less spin with the longer irons and more with the shorter irons. Lightweight steel and graphite options are available in terms of a stock shaft for the F6 irons, but other choices are available at no upcharge as well.

Cobra Men's King F6 Combo Irons

Cobra King F6 Combo Irons: Cobra King F6 Irons have achieved optimum performance for every golf club in the set thanks to the creation of the ultimate progressive iron set. Multiple constructions are used to create more feel, distance, control and forgiveness so you use every single club as a specific weapon for playing better golf. Now hybrids replace the longer irons for a more consistent, easy to hit performance from all over the golf course.

Cobra King F7 and Forged Irons at the 2017 PGA Show

Cobra King F7 and Forged Irons at the 2017 PGA Show

TGW Review of the Cobra F7 and King Forged Tour One Length Irons

TGW Review of the Cobra F7 and King Forged Tour One Length Irons