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ClubRunner Electric Motorcaddies

Color: Grey
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ClubRunner Motorcaddie

Lightweight, Dependable, And Self-Propelled!

The ClubRunner Motorcaddie is designed for golfers who want to walk without the stress associated with carrying or pulling a heavy golf bag. The use of the ClubRunner eliminates the damage and pollution caused by heavy riding carts. Walking with the ClubRunner makes golf more enjoyable because it's healthier, better for your game, and better for the course than driving a golf cart.

ClubRunner Electric Motorcaddie features:

  • Starts and stops smoothly with the touch of a finger on the power switch
  • Match your walking pace with the variable speed control
  • Accommodates all shapes and sizes of golf bags with sturdy Velcro straps
  • Built-in cruise control compensates for hills automatically
  • More stable than pull carts-its low center of gravity and 24" wheel base won't tip, even on steep side hills
  • Soft, rubber-like tires are easy on turf and provide non-slip traction, even on rain-slick grass
  • Revolutionary microprocessor-controlled charger powers up Gel-Cell battery (charges in less than 10 hours) for round after round
  • Sealed lubrication, 12-volt motor; its Pulse Width Modulation means more running time per charge and extends the battery life. Turbo Magnetics gives the 12-volt motor extra power
  • Sealed, 31-amp Gel-Cell battery; fully charged battery will power clubs for at least 18 holes over the longest, most hilly courses
  • Molded engineered composite wheel hubs mean they're lightweight and won't rust
  • Easily disassembles into three components which store conveniently in car trunk, ready for quick assembly at the course
  • Cart weighs 22 lbs. and battery weighs 24 lbs.; this is 10 lbs. lighter than other motorized carts
  • Includes two year warranty backed by a nationwide network of over 450 service centers