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Cleveland Ladies Smart Sole 3.0 S Wedge

Hand: Right
Loft: 58.0
Bounce: 0.0
Shaft: Graphite
Flex: Ladies
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Cleveland Ladies Smart Sole 3.0 S Wedge

Helping Higher Handicappers Around The Green

Cleveland has long been an industry leader when it comes to wedges and one reason for that is because it designs wedges that specifically meet the needs of higher-handicap golfers. A perfect example would be the Smart Sole line, which could best be described as a collection of super game-improvement wedges. In short, these are wedges that were designed to help average players and beginners enjoy more success around the greens. And the new Smart Sole 3.0 wedges are doing that even better than their highly popular predecessors. Most notably, Smart Sole 3.0 wedges feature feel-balancing technology, which moves weight away from the hosel and more toward the center of the clubface, with the result being improved feel and better shot dispersion. Additionally, a new three-tiered sole provides improved turf interaction for better results from any lie condition. Also of note, the 58 degrees of loft chosen for the new women’s S (sand) wedge was picked specifically for players to hit greenside bunker shots and pitches without having to open the clubface.

Cleveland Smart Sole 3.0 Product Video

Cleveland Smart Sole 3.0 wedges were designed to help higher-handicappers around the green.

Cleveland Ladies Smart Sole 3.0 S Wedge features:

  • Loft: 58 degrees
  • Lie Angle: 64 degrees
  • Length: 34.375 inches
  • Swingweight: C8
  • Shaft Options: Cleveland Wedge Flex graphite
  • Grip: Women’s Smart Sole
  • Feel Balancing Technology moves weight away from the hosel to improve feel and shot dispersion
  • Three-tiered sole design improves turf interaction and playability from all lie conditions
  • The optimized loft of 58 degrees enables all shots around the green to be played with a square clubface
  • Available in right-handed models only