Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Black Satin Wedges


Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Black Satin Golf Wedges

Cleveland's Most Versatile Wedges Ever

As was the case with 588 RTX 2.0, priority No. 1 for Cleveland engineers in developing 588 RTX 2.0 CB was to create wedges that would generate exceptional spin for players, especially from the rough. To accomplish that goal, three different clubface technologies were utilized in the design, allowing Cleveland to reach the USGA maximum in terms of face roughness. The result are wedges that deliver maximum spin on full shots and shots played around the green from all turf and sand conditions. There are differences between the standard and CB models, however. The CB version has a slightly larger profile and increased perimeter weighting serves to increase MOI for more forgiveness. Also, the CB models have slightly wider sole widths that have been designed for improved playability on full and short-game shots. What hasn’t changed is that Cleveland is again utilizing its dot system to help golfers choose the right wedges for their game. Two-dot wedges are the 588 RTX 2.0 CB line’s most standard option and will fit the widest variety of players, as they work well from all turf and sand conditions and for golfers with more neutral angles of attack. Players who have shallow angles of attack or who play most frequently on firm turf conditions will probably fare better with the one-dot model, while the three-dot model is a great choice for players who have steeper angles of attack or who typically play where turf and sand conditions are softer. The two-dot wedges come in lofts ranging from 46-64 degrees, while the one-dot and three-dot models are offered in lofts between 54 and 60 degrees. The 588 RTX 2.0 CB wedges are offered in a Black Satin finish, and the stock shafts are True Temper Dynamic Gold.


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Ideal For:

Golfers who are looking for maximum spin and performance but also desire enhanced forgiveness in a wedge. With its increased MOI, larger overall shape, and wider sole widths, the 588 RTX 2.0 CB will offer increased playability on full shots and shots played from around the green. It’s still important, however, for players to examine Cleveland’s dot system in terms of how each model is designed to work to determine which wedges will be the best fit for their bag. And it may be that different models will best address all of the shots they’ll be faced with in any given round.

Rotex 2.0 Face Technology

Grooves that are 15 percent sharper and a new milled face pattern create the maximum surface roughness allowed by the USGA, which equates to more spin on all shots.

Laser Milling

Produces more texture and consistency in terms of micro-roughness across the clubface, delivering higher spin rates on shots played from around the green.

Tour Zip Grooves

Steeper walls and a sharper radius channel dirt, grass, and moisture away from the face for cleaner contact and more consistent spin.

What They're Saying...

“We started by trying to get as much spin as we possibly could into this wedge. We’re the only wedge in golf with three face technologies and the main purpose there is to help generate spin from the rough.”

Pat Ripp, Cleveland/Srixon Golf Research Engineer

“At Cleveland Golf, we use the dot system. It’s our simplified system to make it easier to communicate to the consumer how this wedge is going to play. We’re really proud of these grind offerings and make it as simple as possible with our dot system.”

Pat Ripp, Cleveland/Srixon Golf Research Engineer

“We took a look at our RTX 1.0 model and (said) let’s try to make this a more forgiving CB, and I think we accomplished that. We’ve made it a little bit larger; it’s a more confidence-inspiring look. This has slightly more sole width so it will play similar to those wide sole widths in your (typical) game-improvement irons.”

Pat Ripp, Cleveland/Srixon Golf Research Engineer

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