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Callaway Women's Big Bertha OS Combo Irons

Hand: Right
Set Composition: #4h,#5h,#6 thru AW
Shaft: UST Recoil Graphite
Flex: Ladies
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Callaway Women's Big Bertha OS Combo Irons

Big Bertha Golf Irons And Hybrids Work Together To Unlock More Distance

The new Big Berth OS golf irons bring Callaway's revolutionary club head construction, the Exo-Cage, to irons for more distance in a whole new way. Exo-Cage Technology is a super strong chassis made with incredibly lightweight material, allowing Callaway engineers to place weight in strategic locations for greater forgiveness. This also works in tandem with the next generation of 360 Face Cup technology to function more efficiently for faster ball speed and greater distance. You get faster ball speeds across the entire club face which means more distance with every swing of your irons. Callaway's Standing Wave technology is now loaded with tungsten to lower the CG, while progressive center of gravity in each golf iron gives you optimial launch, distance and control with every club in the iron set.

Callaway Women's Big Bertha OS Combo Irons features:

  • Set Composition: 4H, 5H, #6-AW
  • New Exo-Cage Technology is lightweight and strong, allowing more weight to be placed in strategic locations to increase forgiveness and club face function
  • Next generation 360 Face Cup technology brings club face COR up to the USGA limite for even faster ball speeds and more distance
  • Tungsten-loaded Standing Wave in the sole lowers the CG for higher launch with longer carry and more speed on shots hit low on the club face
  • Progressive CG moves the center of gravity progressively lower as you move through the set for higher launch and long carry with long irons and greater control with short irons
  • Long, fast, high launching hybrids replace long irons for an easy to hit club set
  • OptiFit adjustable hosel hybrids allow you to fill distance gaps in a way that fits your game
  • Stock Shaft: UST Recoil ES 460 Graphite
  • Stock Grip: Callaway Universal

Callaway Big Bertha OS Golf Irons

Go inside the Callaway Big Bertha OS Golf Irons.

Callaway Women's Big Bertha OS Hybrids
Club Loft Length Lie Angle
3H 19° 39.5" 59°
4H 22° 38.75" 59.75°
5H 25°


6H 28° 37.25" 61.25°
7H 31° 36.5" 62°
Callaway Women's Big Bertha OS Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#4 23° 38.125" 60.5° 0.260 C3
#5 25° 37.5" 61.25° 0.240 C3
#6 28° 36.875" 62° 0.220 C3
#7 32° 36.25" 62.5° 0.200 C3
#8 36° 35.625" 63° 0.175 C3
#9 39.5° 35" 63.5° 0.150 C3
#PW 44° 34.75” 64° 0.125 C3
#AW 49° 34.5" 64° 0.100 C3
#SW 54° 34.25" 64° 0.100 C3