Callaway Mens XR16 Pro Fairways


Callaway Mens XR 16 Pro Fairways

Bigger, Hotter, More Forgiving In A Compact Shape For Better Golfers

The XR 16 Pro fairway woods feature much of the same technology that’s found in the XR 16 model. Like its counterpart, the CG in the Pro has been moved lower to increase launch angles, which was made possible by redesigning the crown and making it lighter. Additionally, the Pro features the thinnest, hottest face that Callaway has developed in its long and successful history with fairway woods, meaning more distance and higher MOI. There are some significant differences, however. Most notably, the clubhead on the XR Pro is just 150cc, 25cc smaller than the XR model, which is visually dramatic. The Pro also has a shallower clubface, which along with the smaller head enables more workability. Also of note, the XR Pro will come at a slightly shorter (1/4 inch) standard length and with a stock shaft that, depending on flex, will be 10-15 grams heavier than the stock shaft for the XR. The heavier shaft, shorter length, and ability to work the ball more easily are all attributes most typically sought by better, stronger players. The XR Pro also comes in just three loft choice -- 14, 16, and 18 degrees.


Lofts 14° • 16° • 18°
Grip Callaway
Lengths 14°/43" • 16°/42.75" • 18°/42.5"
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Ideal For:

Lower-handicap golfers or players who value workability in their fairway woods. With its smaller clubhead and shallower clubface, it will be much easier to control ball flight and trajectory with the XR Pro as opposed to the XR. There will, however, be some modest sacrifices made in terms of overall forgiveness. Additionally, the heavier stock shaft will typically benefit a player who produces higher swing speeds. To be clear, this is not an overly demanding club to hit despite being labeled as a “Pro” model. But for average players with slower swing speeds, the XR model might prove to be the better choice.

Callaway XR16 Fairway Woods

TGW goes behind the scenes to get the insides story on the Callaway XR16 Fairway Woods.

Hyper Speed Face Cup

Face Cup technology has long been a staple in Callaway fairway woods, but the Face Cup on the XR 16 Pro is thinner than ever before, which leads to faster ball speeds from impact points across the face.

Aerodynamic Clubhead

Callaway reconfigured the XR 16 Pro clubhead to make the crown and sole more aerodynamic. Along with a smaller overall profile, the improved aerodynamics lead to faster swing speeds and more distance.

What They're Saying...

“They’re both going to have the Hyper Speed Face Cup but the Pro is going to have a more compact shape to it. It’s generally for a better player. The stock shaft is a little heavier, which also tends to suit the better player as well, but it’s not like that club is unhittable. It’s still very forgiving. And when you have that CG low where it is and a shallower face, like you have on the Pro, you get more workability.”

Dave Neville, Callaway Global Director for Woods and Wedges

Callaway XR 16 Pro Fairway Shaft Selection Information
Speeder Evolution II Graphite
Flex Weight Torque
Regular 72g Low-Mid
Stiff 75g Low-Mid
Extra Stiff 76g Low-Mid
Shot Shaping Tips
/ High Torque = Draw Bias
/ Low Torque = Fade Bias
/ Players with faster swing speeds generally benefit from shafts with lower torque
/ Players with slower swing speeds can benefit from lighter-weight shafts

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