Callaway Mens XR16 Golf Drivers


Callaway Mens XR 16 Golf Drivers

Forgiveness Meets Fast

With the XR 16, Callaway wanted to create a driver that was more aerodynamic. To do so, its engineers sought out the help of aerospace giant Boeing, which helped redesign the XR 16’s crown. And the changes are significant in terms of improved performance. The crown is now lighter, which allowed the CG to be moved lower and deeper in the clubhead, producing higher launch angles and greater forgiveness, and its new shape, working in unison with Speed Rakes on the sole of the club, enables faster swing speeds. Additionally, the clubface was stretched slightly to maintain faster ball speeds on shots hit off the heel or toe. The end result is a driver that is easy to hit, launches the ball high, produces impressive distance, and offers a high level of forgiveness, performance features all wrapped up in a 460cc clubhead that will inspire confidence at address.


Adjustability +2°, -1° in 1° increments
Grip Callaway
Length 45.75"
Headcover Yes
Head size 460cc
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Ideal For:

Golfers of all ability levels. Its description might cause some to incorrectly label the XR 16 as a driver primarily for higher-handicap players, but 70 percent of Callaway’s tour players who are gaming XR 16 series drivers are using the standard model. And why not? High launch, fast ball speeds, and forgiveness are an excellent combination. The one caveat would be if you’re a high-spin player. In that case, the XR 16 Pro might be a better choice, or even the Sub Zero if you’re a bomber. But the XR 16 will be a great fit for a wide variety of golfers.

TGW Customer Feedback on the Callaway XR16 Golf Drivers

Watch our exclusive TGW customer feedback on the Callaway XR16 Golf Drivers.

Re-Engineered Speed Step Crown

Boeing helped Callaway redesign the Speed Step and its improved aerodynamics reduce air drag throughout the swing, with the end result being more clubhead speed and improved distance.


Callaway was able to make the clubface 19 percent thinner on the XR 16, which leads to faster ball speeds across the face. The weight saved with the thinner face was also redistributed throughout the clubhead to improve MOI.

Opti-Fit Hosel

Eight different settings and 3 degrees of adjustability (+/- 1.5 degrees of loft) assist golfers in producing their desired ball flight and trajectory.

What They're Saying...

“The big thing with XR16 is our collaboration with Boeing. Boeing’s the leading aerospace company in the world and we reached out to them to have them help us with the aerodynamics. Specifically, what they worked on is what we’re calling the Speed Step. This is actually a trigger or a trip step on the crown of the club that helps the aerodynamics.”

Dave Neville, Callaway Global Director for Woods and Wedges

“It’s a more stretched shape as opposed to last year’s XR model, which just by doing that makes the MOI and forgiveness go up. We also have our R-MOTO face, so you have hot spots all over the face, which is going to help you with forgiveness and ball speed.”

Dave Neville, Callaway Global Director for Woods and Wedges

“What put it over the top was the ball speed was better and I was able to control my ball flight. I did a lot of testing with it, but it really didn’t take long to realize it was going to be my new driver.”

Danny Willett, 2016 Masters champion

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“As old as I am, I can’t see the ball, but it was going farther than I can see so that’s gotta be pretty good. It sounded real good, had a nice snap to it. I hit more fades with my club; this was just straight down the middle.”

TGW customer Tony, 12 handicap, live testing at Callaway, 3/8/16

Callaway XR 16 Shaft Selection Information
Fujikura Speeder 565 Graphite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Senior 56g 4.5° Mid-High
Regular 56.5g 4.5° Mid-High
Stiff 56.5g 4.2° Mid
Shot Shaping Tips
/ High Torque = Draw Bias
/ Low Torque = Fade Bias
/ Players with faster swing speeds generally benefit from shafts with lower torque
/ Players with slower swing speeds can benefit from lighter-weight shafts

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